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Greek Feast February 21, 2008

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We had a Greek feast with four other families on Monday. The kids have been studying ancient Greece in school, as has my friend J. and her son. She had a great idea to have a feast with the kids, complete with Olympic games. I love to go to actvities that she plans. When J. plans a party, she goes all out. I love this about her. God has given her a gift for hospitality. She made signs, torches, gold medals and more. She also planned a wonderful meal of Greek foods for us all to sample.

Nope, that is not a Greek goddess, that is my friend J, all decked out in her Grecian best.

Most the children were willing to try all the strange food, except for the rice in grape leaves. The adults however, loved those.

After dinner, we began our Olypmic games. Couldn’t have the games with out the passing of the torch. We had Javelin, Discus, Relay, and Chariot Racing.

N. only five years old, and an expert with the javelin. Check out Noah’s form with the discus.
I didn’t get any pictures of the chariot races, but rest assured they were every bit as exciting as the famous scene from Ben Hur. It was a great time for us all. Thanks J. for pulling it all together!


2 Responses to “Greek Feast”

  1. Brandi Says:

    Oh my!! What a fun party!!


  2. Anonymous Says:

    Man, I really miss you guys. I’m sure you had a blast.
    Love you all, Emily

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