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Adoption News May 5, 2008

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Just received a wonderful email from Mandy. They are working for a court date in early June, she will let us know as soon as they have the date set. She really wants us to leave on a Wednesday to arrive on Friday, so that we can spend the weekend with the children, then to our first court appearance on Monday. She also wants us to fly with British Air. I am fairly certain this means we will have to leave from Houston. Which is a bit disappointing as I would prefer a one hour drive as opposed to a three hour…but we will do whatever it takes. I can’t wait to get to Uganda. Richard has made it seem like such a heavenly place. We also got a couple of new photos of the children, they have grown so much, but they are still a cute as ever.
I could be holding my babies in just four short weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Um, I better get busy, I have A LOT to do to get prepared.


One Response to “Adoption News”

  1. Seguin Homeschooling Families Says:

    You better bring your pictures on Wednesday…better yet I’ll come get some of that wonderful wheat from you tomorrow and see them then! Yeah early June it is!! You gonna buy those tickets now?

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