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Not Me Monday October 27, 2008

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It’s that time again. That time when I tell you all my dirty little secrets from the last seven days.
I did not absolutely LOVE Michigan. I did not think it was one of the most beautiful places I have seen. I did not enjoy being spoiled by Amy’s mom while there. Living in the lap of luxury is not for me.
I did not fall down a hill, nearly into a creek, while filming footage of the land I don’t want to buy in Michigan. I did not get this fall on film. That would be so embarrassing. Then in my confusion of the fall, I didn’t subsequently record when I wanted to stop and stop when I wanted to record. That would mean I wouldn’t have recorded anything that I wanted, and that I only got footage of my friends backside and the ceiling of the barn.
I did not book flights for Grace and I from Michigan to Kansas, and leave my beloved to drive 800 miles with four children by himself. Then relish in the fact that I was flying and avoiding all the misery. That would not be very nice.
When I booked those flights, I had to book round trip tickets. I didn’t seriously consider returning to Michigan today, rather than driving home on Friday.
I didn’t get an insanely good deal on an infrared sauna while in Kansas. I would never ask my beloved to set it up so I could try it out the night before we left for home. I would never gloat to my mommy about my cheap sauna, that would be mean. I would never tell her it was her fault she missed out. After all, it had been on craigslist for six weeks. That would be even meaner. I did not laugh hysterically when she said, “I don’t love you very much right now.”
I did not make my beloved drive all the way home with the kids by himself. I did not drive my grandma’s truck all the way. That would be terrible. I am just not that way.
I was not an insanely proud mama this weekend when both my boys shot their first deer. I did not find myself going 75 in a 55 on the way to take pictures of the first one. I did not blame my speeding on the fact that I drove my grandma’s truck home from Kansas. I would never say it was because it took much more pressure to get her truck to 55. I certainly would not do it again the next day, when I drove to take pictures of the second deer. I ALWAYS drive the speed limit.
See what else people are not doing over at Mck Mama’s blog on this Not Me Monday.


One Response to “Not Me Monday”

  1. Janet Says:

    I did NOT enjoy that post, not one little bit…..;-)

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