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Not So Wordless Wednesday January 14, 2009

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While visiting the nursing home this morning, we saw the following sign on one of the room doors.

Made me smile 🙂

6 Responses to “Not So Wordless Wednesday”

  1. S.L.P Says:

    oh that is way cute!!!

  2. Gaunt Family Says:

    I pray to have the privilege of posting that on my nursing home door some day. That is so sweet.

  3. Molly Beth Says:

    That is too funny. BTW, I just tagged you. It is a very fun one. Check out my blog for the instructions. Hope all is well.

  4. scrappy quilter Says:

    Now that is too cute.

  5. lauradodson Says:

    THE BEST SIGN. EVER! and so glad it was in a nursing home. :o)

  6. Kristine Corpus Says:

    Hi! I followed Laura’s link to you. Great blog. I love the sign. You actually saw this?!!! how cool is that?

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