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Queen for the Day May 11, 2009

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I gotta tell ya, my children out did themselves this Mother’s Day. I woke up to breakfast. They had prepared me scrambled eggs and made from scratch french toast. Later we came home from church and they had prepared pot roast and mashed potatoes and gravy (I had to do the gravy). Then, my eldest cooked dinner for the younger ones and provided child care, while my beloved took me out to eat at Olive Garden.

Then to top it all off I came home to a homemade mother’s day cake, complete with decorations made from Marissa’s previously used hair snaps. Yummy.

What a blessing, I felt like queen for the day, even though I didn’t have a crown. I truly feel blessed to be mama to these five children. They are a joy and blessing to me.

4 Responses to “Queen for the Day”

  1. lauradodson Says:

    I’d like some Hair Snap Cake please…

  2. S.L.P Says:

    Look at there cute cheese faces, all except the one that is obviously too old to be smiling like a cheese ball for the camera;o) Oh yes I second the hair snap cake request as my cheese cake was a flop!

  3. jena Says:

    What a wonderful day. Tell the kids thanks for the hair snap usage suggestion… I had never thought of using KaiaRose’s hair snaps for decorating!

  4. Transformed from glory to glory Says:

    We are blessed, joyfully, and sometimes “its all we can do,” blessed!

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