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A Quiz August 24, 2009

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1.  What do you do when you’re five and four years old, and all your toys have been taken away because you refused to clean them up?

A.  Throw a fit until Mom returns the toys.

B.  Sneak Toys when she is busy and play with them anyway.

C.  Go outside and play, even though it’s 105 degrees.

D.  Grab some math counters, make chain, tie up your brother, and call him your puppy.


2.  When you’re five what is one of the coolest activities you can master?

A.  Chewing with your mouth shut.

B.  Standing on your head.

C.  Riding a two wheeler.

D.  Flying a kite.


3.  My husband comes out of the bathroom, to point out gigantic bruises covering his chest.  They must be from what?

A.  While cutting a tree, a limb fell and hit is chest.

B.  I accidentally hit him during an out of control Wii boxing match.

C.  Bruises were obtained during a belly flop contest while at the pool, in order to attempt to win his adoring wife a 50% off coupon for next summers season passes.

I’ll spare you a pictorial answer to this question and just give you the answer, in case you haven’t already guessed, the answer is C.  Poor guy did not win the said contest, because some overly educated, overly dramatic, home schooled kid  beat him out with his “OOH I AM IN TERRIBLE PAIN” face.   Whatever.  All I got to say is if that boy of yours, Kori, didn’t have bruises, you’d better hand over the coupon.  We BOTH know who really deserves it.

4.  During the same swimming pool contest, who won for best cannon ball?

A.  That same overly educated and overly dramatic home school boy.

B.  My bruised up husband.

C.  Grace

D.  Spider Man



2 Responses to “A Quiz”

  1. Kori Says:

    This is one of my favorite posts. 🙂 I will not feel guilty, that J. didn’t get bruises. Did anyone else that participated get bruises? I’m thinking that’s why R. didn’t win. He clearly did the belly flop incorrectly, as he is the ONLY one with bruises. Maybe he should start practicing now, for next summer’s contest.

    A little advice from the overly educated champion: I think he looked down a little too soon. If you keep your head up, and your arms out wide, no bruising should occur. It’s really all in the form. J.

  2. LauraD Says:

    (love the new digs.)

    Look out for Spiderman….Go Spidey!

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