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I Heart Felt August 26, 2009

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and homeschooling.

I love having my children home.  I like being with them.  I like teaching them.  Everyday, I sit back and am so thankful that I get to live THIS life.  I love watching them learn.  I love field trips.  I love being able to take them to do community service.  I love not having to get up and rush all morning.  I love not having homework all night. I love that I get to learn all sorts of things I missed (or was never taught) in school.  For instance, did you know Napoleon divorced his first wife, whom he claimed to have loved dearly, because she did not give him a son…or any child for that matter?   I gotta tell ya… my first thought was that guy was such a slime ball.  My second thought was…hmmm, his sweet Josephine came to the marriage WITH children and never did have any with the little man.  Then this second woman all of the sudden pops up pregnant right away.  Seems suspicious to me…I’m just sayin’.   Am I the only one who questions whether old Napoleon’s heir was REALLY his?


Seriously, I never have any second thoughts about this decision because I want a break from my children.  I DO have all kinds of second thoughts because I doubt my ability to do this.  Then I remember that God called me to this and He will equip me to this.

Last year I tried to do some schooling with William and it quickly became apparent he had some major catching up to do in a bunch of areas before he would even be close to ready for school.  So we laid low.  Learned English, how to fit in a family, and really worked on our motor skills.  Sang songs, colored, and watched some good videos.  I spent the summer panicking over how I was going to teach five children which includes a high schooler and two kindergartners.   Although Marissa is still four, she is ready, so were doing it.  Two weeks in and once again, I find that things are much bigger problems in my mind than they are in real life.  All is well and going swimmingly.



Speaking of happiness.  I hauled out my bargain Cricut  and cut out a bunch of letters, shapes, and numbers from card stock.  Then I added some felt to the back of them, made myself a felt board, and sat back and called it very good.

felt 001

I love this.  We have found all kinds of fun ways to learn with this.  William and Marissa LOVE it.  I mainly made it for William as he clearly is a very hands on learner.   I figure it will grow with them too, as after they learn all the letters and sounds, they will be able to spell words on it too.

Yep, I heart felt.


6 Responses to “I Heart Felt”

  1. Janet Says:

    We have a felt board too, and my kids heart it. So do I….:-)

    I love homeschooling too…not EVERY day, but 97 percent of them!

  2. Keltie Says:

    What fabulous idea Melissa! Since we are also doing kindergarten this year (except I am a first-timer and veeeery nervous), I might just have to copycat this one. Except I don’t have a cricut, but I can improvise. Thanks for sharing!

    P.S. Why do all the homeschoolers I know start school so early? We aren’t starting until next week… Is there a secret nobody told me? Come on now, don’t leave the rookie in the dark!

    • faithfulremembrances Says:

      Keltie…no secrets, we just try and start around the same time public school does. I don’t know why…we just do :0) The lovely thing about homeschooling is that you can start when you want and stop when you want.

  3. laurad Says:

    Felt board is lookin awesome.

    Are you still having your afternoon free? I’m curious has to how, because we’re schooling all all alllllll day. I really want a 4 hour school day. That’s the goal, anyway, so we have our afternoons to do other things…like library, SWIMMING, creative endeavors, etc. and it is starting to wear on me going to 3 pm. Maybe I am trying to do too much of TOG?

    • faithfulremembrances Says:

      I think you might be trying to do too much. That is the biggest problem with TOG, it has so many wonderful things that sound fun…you have to be willing to say no… a lot…and only do those things that are really exciting to you..or to a particular boy. I thought I would be all tough this year and make K and N do a BUNCH more written work than they have done in the past. It takes way too long. We are going to continue to do all our questions and such orally..with written tests, math, and creative writing only. We all prefer it this way…and it’s a time saver…my children tend to slow down and get easily distracted if they have a bunch of “busy work” and that’s really what it is…time wasters. K and N are doing map work that also cuts set of maps…working on it as a team. Yesterday was a bad day…our first day that took longer than four hours…but that was not a too much too do issue, rather a distraction issue.

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