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Annie September 21, 2009

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The other evening, I had a fantastic idea.

We would watch Annie.

So off to Netflix I went, and thanks to the wonders of modern technology, within minutes the ORIGINAL version of Annie was on our television screen.  I was giddy with anticipation, surly my children would thoroughly enjoy this film.  As I have only fond, albeit very vague memories, of watching this as a child.


A few observations.

1. That Ms. Hannigan was a VERY naughty woman.  How this completely escaped me in my youth is beyond me.  I knew she was mean, and slightly remember her always being inebriated.  What I didn’t remember was the fact that she was always running around half naked in her silk nighties, coming on to every manner of man in the film.

THIS is supposed to be a kids movie…right?

From like 1982…right?

I digress.

2.  Movies ALWAYS have a message.  I don’t mean the message of the story line.  Like in this case, the story is about an enduring orphan helping Daddy Warbucks to see his empty and vain life, after falling in love with that sweet red headed orphan named Annie.

Those blokes in hollywood are brilliant.  THAT is the message that they use to get you to watch the movie.  Then as the story unfolds, another message is much more subtly conveyed.  Usually the message is some sort of political one. Annie is no different.  Daddy Warbucks  was wealthy beyond all comprehension.  He had WORKED hard, to make his vast fortunes and was free to do what he pleased with it.   I almost wanted to pause the movie, and sit back in sweet nostalgia.  Reminiscing about the good ol’ days, when capitalism was praised and valued.  Before I had the chance, a bomb is thrown into the house.  The Bolsheviks, wanted to kill Daddy Warbucks because he was, “Proof that capitalism works.”  Then scarcely before I could blink an eye, they bring in Franklin D. Roosevelt.   Right before my very eyes they are pushing the goodness and greatness of F.D.R and his amazingly brilliant New Deal.


Again, I digress.

3.  I was totally moved by the orphan message.

“No one cares for you a stitch, when your in an orphanage.”

That song made me cry.  So did Daddy Warbucks falling in love with Annie.


4.  My personal favorite.

The year is 1933.

Annie has been taken captive by the lying Ms. Hannigan, her evil brother, and his nitwit girlfriend.  Daddy Warbucks has been alerted.  He rallies all who are at his disposal to search for her.  Driving as fast as he can through town himself, one of his staff is in the helicopter, searching for Annie from the air.

The two are in constant communication.

By phones, in both the car and helicopter.


Phones in cars and helicopters in 1933.



3 Responses to “Annie”

  1. Keltie Says:

    I love Annie, and can’t believe I never noticed that phone thing before! I also recently sat down to watch it with my daughter, but ended up turning it off after the first half hour because it was inappropriate for her age. I really didn’t remember that from when I was a kid!? Does this mean we are (gulp) getting old?

  2. Summer Says:

    Someone gave us Annie and I must confess too, I do not remember Ms. Fanigan being so down right evil, ugh. I really do not like my kiddos watching it…or come to think of it, I do believe I threw it away.

  3. Summer Says:

    Fanigan, haha, that would be Hannigan. Silly me.

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