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Those Kids September 28, 2009

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Grace and I chaperoned accompanied Richard to an auction on Saturday.  My husband LOVES auctions.  It always scares me when he goes….I never know what he’ll come home with.  This time all he came home with was a sunburned wife and daughter.  Later, after long cold showers, I was patting some aloe juice on Grace’s chest.  As I was doing this, I briefly felt like the albino on Princess Bride, patting Wesley’s wounds in the Pit of Despair. Whilst lost in my humorous thoughts, Grace pipes up, “The count wants all his subjects healthy before they’re broken.”

Clearly we have watched that movie too many times.

Yesterday we were driving some where, and Grace was talking about birthdays.  The conversation went something like this:

“Mommy you know what’s weird?”

“Hmmm, what’s that?”

“When I was little, it seemed like it would take FOREVER for my birthday to get here.”

“Uh Huh”

“Well, now that I am grown, time just seems to be going faster and faster.  I mean, it seems like a just had  my birthday a few weeks ago, and here it is coming again.”

Yep, that’s what happens when you get “older” time flies.

Tonight during supper,  Kaleb was having some difficulty with cabbage and the rubber bands in his mouth.  I’ll save you the details he gave me, which caused me to lose my appetite.


Noah says,”So does that mean you swallowed your rubber bands?

He was speaking with very poor enunciation, and I heard, “So is that wall made of rubber bands.”

I told him what I heard, and was getting ready to correct him, yet again, for poor enunciation.   Before I could, he was cracking himself up.  In between bouts of laughter, he said, “I speak Mad Gab.”

If you’ve never played Mad Gab, you should.  Then you would think that is as funny as I did.  Once again he made me laugh until I cried.

Yesterday was a good day.

William and Marissa got to have their reunion with the newest additions to the Dodson clan.  It went exactly like I expected.  William was totally shy.  Marissa marched right over grabbed a hand, flashed her gorgeous smile, and won the hearts of the boys.  For nine months  William prayed everyday, “Thank you Jesus that my friends have a family, please bring them here safely.”  Today he prayed, “Thank you Jesus my friends are here, with their family.”  Makes a heart all warm and mushy inside.

Last but certainly not least, Grace was baptized yesterday.  But that warrants it’s own post.   Coming soon.


3 Responses to “Those Kids”

  1. Keltie Says:

    Oh man. Your kids are funny. I want to meet the Dodons and the Burpees and hear those funny kids for myself!

  2. Cheryl Says:

    oh my goodness! I am cracking up!! I have a child with rubber bands and we love Mad Gab… and I can SO picture this entire scene! hilarious!

    We also happen to love Princess Bride… my favorite quote being “as you wish” 😉

    What a precious prayer from William. Love that heart!

  3. laurad Says:

    oh man. Noah cracks me up, and that Gracie. She is precious.

    in talking with Alan tonight, he for sure remembers W and M. He couldn’t stop smiling. I asked him if it made him happy to see them again, and he gave me the classic chin up thing and a “yay-s” accompanied by a toothless grin. we talked for-ev-ver about them tonight before bed. and grace has clearly made an impression on him as well. :o) along with kaylie and luke. :o)

    Yay, friends!

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