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Language Barrier October 30, 2009

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I think we might still have a language barrier.

Today Richard took William to go make sure all was set at the deer blind.  As always, when the kids get to go someplace with daddy they get a special drink at the gas station.  The conversation went  as follows.

Richard: “William what do you want to drink?”

William: “Can I have a beer?”

Richard (smiling nervously at the clerk) “No, you cannot.”

William: “Why not?  Kaleb and Noah had one.”

(clerk is now rolling on the floor in laughter)

Richard:  Umm, no they have not.  You  may have some juice.”

As Richard is telling me this story, my eyebrows raise a good six inches above my head, when I hear he said Kaleb and Noah had partaken of a beer.  Noah and Kaleb are laughing and laughing.  Finally one manages to get the word soda (for you northerners  soda is pop) out of their mouth.

To which William replies, “Oh, yeah!  I forgot it was called soda.”


3 Responses to “Language Barrier”

  1. kristine Says:

    Very cute. I can just imagine Richard’s face!

    PS Thanks for lunch and the visit! It was really nice. I look forward to losing Settler’s to you next time…cause I know you are way to competitive to let me beat you again!

  2. Keltie Says:

    For real? You play Settler’s? Why oh why do you live so far away?!

    • faithfulremembrances Says:

      Keltie, I am totally open to the idea of you moving closer…Of course we do desperately want to move north…so maybe I could get real close if I moved WAY up…then we could play. This was the first time we played Settlers…now I am addicted, so I have to go buy the game right away…I have no choice really…it’s what addicts do ya know.

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