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Buck Fever October 31, 2009

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Hunting is kind of a big deal around here.  Personally, I just don’t get it.  However, I LOVE having the meat…so I put up with it most graciously, if I do say so myself.

There is a big event every year, right before deer season opens, Buck Fever.  Aptly named for the sweating, shaking, and pukey feeling that a hunter experiences when a big buck is in his sights.  Personally, I don’t get it.

Anyway, it is a fun event.

They have a fishing pond set up the kids to catch some lazy catfish with hot dog bait.




They have an archery range so the kids can shoot.




This was Noah’s target.  Both Kaleb and Noah are good shots, but Noah is often dead on.  They had a booth for the kids to shoot BB guns, and the guy running the booth was very impressed with Noah’s “Nice tight pattern.”  (Anyone besides Emily, think that’s a funny line?)

They have food and drinks.  I was dying of thirst and sent my beloved with the direct request, “Please go get me a big ol’ tea.”  This is what he came back with.


I can assure that I did not find this to be a big ol’ tea.  Thankfully there were free refills.  While we were waiting for the children to have their turn at the fish pond, I was downing that icy cold tea, and promptly got a terrible case of frozen brain.

I put my head on Richard’s chest and said, “ohh, brain freeze.”

Somehow he heard, “Spank me.”

He figured the country music was having a strange effect on me.

They have all sorts of things on display, all of which of course pertains in some way to those who are of the testosterone sect.  They also have a horns contest.  Entries are made of the previous seasons trophy bucks, and prizes go to the top three in each category.  This year  the boys entered their bucks, and Noah won second place.  Well, turns out a he got technically third place.  They somehow forgot to score someones buck, and found out about it just before the awards ceremony.  They had already called and informed the winners, so they decided to have two second place winners rather than demote Noah and the third place winner.   I suppose that was a wise decision on their part.  Noah won a nice set of Nikon binoculars, and jacket, and hat.


It was a very poignant moment.  Noah had prayed to get this deer, while my Mom was still with us at Christmas, in honor of my Dad.  God answered his prayer with a 12 point, prize winning buck.  That’s the kind of God I serve.  He doesn’t just answer our prayers, He blesses us with more than we could ever even imagine.  I am so thankful that He loves my son so much, that he cares to answer the prayers of faith of a young man for a buck.

My final picture of the evening…I was struck by how dark the sky was, no stars, just a little sliver of a moon.



3 Responses to “Buck Fever”

  1. LauraDodson Says:

    spank me? good lord.

    i laughed. i cried. i laughed. ;o)

  2. Keltie Says:

    Me too. Ahhh. Still laughing.

  3. Keltie Says:

    Is it wrong that, 2 days later, I am STILL laughing???!!!

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