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2012 November 14, 2009

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I’m positive hundreds of thousands (if not more) will flock to theaters across the globe to watch this much anticipated film.  My beloved and I were no exception.  We headed out last night to the 7:40 showing, only to find out it was sold out.  So we bought tickets for the 9:00.

I have a difficult time watching most movies.  Mostly because I simply cannot be a passive viewer anymore.  I cannot just be entertained.  The reasons for that I am sure are complex and varied, but nonetheless they are there.

While watching this film I was struck by several things, but two have clung to my thoughts.

1.  There has been a plethora of films over the years on the world coming to and end.  They all have one thing in common, in the end humanity prevails.  The human race through their own ingenuity and scientific wisdom, will survive the crisis.  I realize that this is JUST A MOVIE, but I think we would be remiss if we avoid looking at this from a different angle.  You see I belive we have an enemy, who is roaming around like a lion, seeking someone to devour.  I think this enemy is crafty, and he knows he need only distract us, just a little from the truth.  The truth is, one day there will be an end.  Heaven and Earth are passing away and all that is in them.  There will be a day when all we see and know will be destroyed.  No amount of human wisdom or scientific knowledge will change that.  Humanity will not be able to save themselves.  As the judgment of God reigns down, the only hope will be Jesus.  He is our hope.  He alone can save us.  We cannot save ourselves.  This movie, more than all the others I have watched on the destruction of the earth, played on the lie that we can save our selves.  It was never said out right.  In fact, they intend you to get a feel good feeling as humanity opens their hearts to compassion and save those trying to get on the boat.  That’s nice I suppose.  However, I did not miss the  many shots of people calling out to God (or their version of HIM..but that’s another post) only to see them all destroyed.  The message…God cannot save you.  We must save ourselves.  Trusting in God to save you is portrayed as foolish at best.  The message was loud and clear, and it grieved me deeply.

2.  The second relates to something I have been thinking about for a few weeks now.  Death.  Through  what we are studying in school and thinking on other countries today, I began thinking on how death is normative.  Yeah, I know we all die.  It is appointed unto man once to die and then the judgment.  However, I live in a time and in a country where DEATH ISN”T NORMATIVE.  It is not what we expect.  In fact when it touches us we are often shocked that it could happen to us.  Let me explain, in ages past, even  here, you EXPECTED to bury at least one of your children.  This is LIFE for millions around the globe still today.   It was expected that death would reach your family in untimely ways.  It didn’t change the hurt.  It didn’t take away from the loss.  Situations were/are as such that you knew sickness, accidents, and famine were a real part of life.  There are mothers and fathers in this world TODAY, who know that seeing their children reach the age of five will take a miracle.  Husbands and wives, have seen enough of their friends  spouses die to know, they could be  next.  One time we stopped at a very old graveyard.  The graves were all from a hundred or more years ago.  I was struck by the amount of children, the number of young men and woman.  It was rare to find a headstone with many years between that dash.  We just don’t have that experience here in America in this day and age.  All of us, EXPECT, that we will reach the normal life expectancy, and live a long full life.  Sometimes, through providence, we find ourselves face to face with death.  It is so unexpected for us.  Maybe that is why we pack theater after theater to watch films filled with death, disease, and destruction.  Death is just some far off distant thing, that given enough time and knowledge, even THAT we might be able to overcome.  Even in this film, BILLIONS of people perished.  While they perished, wise cracks and one liners were sprinkled throughout.  As if it was something to take lightly, the destruction of billions.  Maybe I’m just strange, but I don’t like the message that sends.  I belive life is valuable, all life.

Here’s the deal, BILLIONS of people are dying.  They are dying spiritually, and one day they will face physical death.   Some sooner, rather than later.

They are dying and don’t even know it.  Just like in the film.  Some people KNEW the destruction was coming.  Yet they chose to keep that news from the masses.  Choosing only to save those whom they deemed worthy.

The masses are dying.

I know the ONE who can save them.

HE has given the chance, the opportunity, the command to tell them of their true HOPE.

Here I sit, paying $24 to watch a film mocking all that I belive.

And call it entertainment.


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  1. Tova Says:

    What a great post! I’m speechless.

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