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A New Club November 30, 2009

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Grace invented a new club for her, William, and Marissa.  It is called the Grace club.

Named of course after GRACE herself.  Not the GRACE of our Lord Jesus.

It’s hard to be humble and not self-absorbed when you’re 7.

Well, it’s hard to be humble and not self-absorbed when you’re 32.


William and Marissa have been pinned.  Several little “badges” have been pinned onto their shirts over the last week or so.  They apparently earn badges for various acts of service.

The other day I heard her encouraging William to go into the laundry room and assist me with the laundry.  He happily and joyfully complied.  Next thing I know he is receiving two badges.

A helping Mommy with a happy heart badge.


An Assisting the elderly badge.



6 Responses to “A New Club”

  1. laurad Says:

    hey ya ol’ hag. cracking up.


  2. Carol Lee Says:

    Melissa, you are hilarious! Not only do funny things happen to you, but you have such a way of writing it down–perfect timing and wording–like a seasoned comedian! Love it!!!!

  3. Janet Says:

    LOL! Too funny! When we were kids, we formed a “neighbourhood club”. It was just me and my sister and one other girl, because we didn’t really know anyone else in the neighbourhood. 🙂

  4. Tova Says:

    Now I would be working this club to my advantage…just sayin’

  5. Shara Says:


  6. Keltie Says:

    Whenever I need a laugh, I come here and know I will find what I need. I can’t wait until your kids are 32 and you tell them this story.

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