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Kitty Tzar December 5, 2009

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You remember this kitty?

The children named him Napoleon.

He earned that name, for being a small tyrant.

He is half the size of his brother, and is always beating up on him and otherwise torturing him.

The children named his brother Louie.

I guess it’s a good thing we were not studying World War II this year.  I shudder to think about the names the children would have given the cats if we had been.  I mean can you imagine having a cat named Adolf?


I heart Napoleon.

Even though he is a tyrant.

Today I realized that when he meows he doesn’t say, “mee-ow.”

He says, “mou.”

At that moment, I realized that he was trying to tell us of his love for Chairman Mao.

This of course makes him fit to be one of Obama’s Tzars.

I don’t know if there is currently a position for Kitty Tzar in the US government.  However, I figure since there was no position for the other Tzars either,  Napoleon has a great chance of getting the office.  Especially since he loves Mou.  Since that seems to be a prerequisite for being a Tzar here.  Well, that or a devoted Communist.  Which I can assure you Napoleon is not.  He does not believe in equal share of food for him and Louie.  He actually believes he deserves first and best choice of what’s in the bowl.  I guess that makes him a Socialist.  He, being the governing elite, gets everything, while poor Louie below him, gets only a meger amount of crumbs.

Which of course still makes him fit to serve as a Tzar.

I am not exactly sure what the duties of Kitty Tzar would be.

Then again, I am not really sure what the duties of the other Tzars either.

So I think were safe.

What I am wondering, and perhaps you could help me on this one, is if he needs to start his career with Acorn?


One Response to “Kitty Tzar”

  1. laurad Says:

    ROFLOL!! I think this post needs to find Glenn Beck.

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