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Who Knew December 5, 2009

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having an imac would be so fun?

First of all, we scored this really cool imac complete with 1TB hard drive and 2GB of memory for $100.00

Yes one hundred dollars.

Can you say score?

We have already had many laughs over the photo booth because of pictures like these

By the way, a little bit of advice:  If you are going to watch your children play around with photo booth, you should NOT be drinking coffee at the same time.  Otherwise THIS might happen to you:

Then the children have been having a grand ol’ time with Garage Band.

I hear they are making a radio drama right now.  Stay tuned for the heart gripping  drama.

Then Grace asked if I wanted to listen to her podcast.

So I listened.

It’s a darn good thing I wasn’t drinking coffee again.

Cause I laughed…hard.

Thank the Lord for those Kegels.

It’s so funny, I had Kaleb put it on youtube so everyone could have a laugh.

Laughter is good ya know.

PS I have NO clue what the whole twin towers thing was about.


5 Responses to “Who Knew”

  1. laurad Says:

    Gracie Show Highlights ::

    “Sorry, we don’t have time for you. This is the Grace Burpee Show.”

    “I don’t really know WHAT he said…he’s African.”

    “exploling towers…”

  2. laurad Says:

    oh. and the previews.

    and. HOW IN THE HECK did you get a mac for $100 and WHY do YOU always get the good deals?!?!

    • faithfulremembrances Says:

      Two words my dear GARAGE SALES
      well and Jesus loves me :o)

      Not that He doesn’t love you, cause He sure does…but it’s a seek and you will find kind-of gig. YOU have to SEEK for the deals. IE you must have a husband who talks to everyone he sees.

  3. Keltie Says:

    Did I hear, “If you want to fix your car, get some duct tape”? LOL I love the creativity!

  4. Tova Says:

    Ok, that picture of you is seriously disturbing!

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