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Heard at Goodwill December 11, 2009

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“Mommy, look at that baby coat.  We should by that.”

“Why should we buy that?”

“For our baby.”

“We don’t have a baby William.”

“We should buy it for when we get a baby.”

“Maybe we should get a baby first, then we could worry about getting the baby a coat, ya think?”

“Yeah, I guess.”  (spoken with much despair, with the slightest hint of him thinking we should still by the coat)

Now all five children are asking for more siblings.

I think there is a conspiracy.

I know they talk to each other when I’m not listening.

I’m not paranoid.

I know they have a plan.


5 Responses to “Heard at Goodwill”

  1. Tova Says:

    You are NOT paranoid…just very perceptive.

    If you are worried, I’d shred any papers you find lying around that look remotely like forms.

  2. Keltie Says:

    Ditto what Tova said. And whatever you do, if you come across any adoption web sites accidentally, for heaven’s sake click away from there as quickly as possible.

    Or… start saving and praying, because personally, I happen to agree with your kids. There are way too many orphans out there who need a mom and dad like you guys. IF God whispers it, you must obey. Just sayin’. 😉

  3. LauraDodson Says:

    (pounding fists on table)


    or…Go William, go William, go William!

  4. Jena Penner Says:

    Have you seen my kids chart they made… with their preferences on age, gender, how many more….

    I am feeling the same way you are!

    • faithfulremembrances Says:

      Do it Jena!

      We so would in a heart beat….if only my hubby’s income would go up enough for the government to decide we can afford to have more.

      I always think about the ending scene in Shindler’s List

      How many more could I have helped?

      How many more could I have taken in?

      How many more could I have loved?

      How many more could have called me mom?

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