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Laura Dodson December 13, 2009

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I take back my fun and crafty mom resolution.





5 Responses to “Laura Dodson”

  1. LauraDodson Says:

    hee hee. see why i’m a playdoh mom? hope so, cuz i’m really really really NOT a glitter mom.

  2. LauraDodson Says:

    still giggling.

    i was thinking this may happen, but i didn’t want to discourage your crafy-momness in any way shape or form because your children are SUFFERING due to lack of crafy-momness. it’s a catch-22. however, i’d totally ban all glitter from here to eternity from this point forward.

    now go buy playdoh, you’ll feel much better.

  3. Shara Says:

    Aww you guys are so mean to glitter. Life is nothing without a little glitter. The kids can all come over here and get glitter all over my house. It will go nicely with all the strings strewn about my house which cause me not to be able to vacuum because they’ll clog my vacuum.

  4. Keltie Says:

    I chose between fingerpaints and glitter. Fingerpaints won.

  5. Tova Says:

    You make me feel pathetic. Glitter and MANY other forms of craftiness are banned from my house. That being said, we can drop in at the play center which is five blocks away and do any of those messy crafts there whenever we want. Which sounds great in theory, but we never get there. 😦

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