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A Week in Review January 2, 2010

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Ok, so it’ actually a bit more than a week.

“Let me ‘splain.  No that will take too long.  Let me sum up.”

  • My mommy came to visit.  I love her so very much.  I pray the Lord continues to pour out His grace, love, strength, and mercy on her in great abundance.  Her visit was far to short.  I miss her already.
  • It is wonderfully awesome to give your children gifts for Christmas that they want so badly they cry when they receive them.  Especially when those items are not the newest gadget, but things that help them work on their God given talents.  Gifts that last, forever.  Not given then broken and forgotten within a matter of days.
  • Hello bronchitis.  Thank God for steroid injections and antibiotics.
  • Richard took me to see the Lion King at the Majestic in San Antonio, on New Years Eve, for our anniversary.  I drugged up on cough syrup, some cold and flu medicine, and cough drops.  I prayed the whole way there that I would not cough the entire time.  So as not to cause those next to us to think they needed to be uncontaminated after the show.  I only coughed three times during the three hours we were there.  Then proceeded to cough for like two hours straight afterword.
  • LION KING WAS AMAZING!  Seriously.  The woman that played the part of Rafiki had some serious pipes on her.  I have NEVER, nor do I think I will ever hear someone sing like her this side of Heaven.  She is a South African Native, and had that beautiful accent that makes my wee little heart leap for joy.  She sang the song, “He Lives in Me.”  Of course this song is about Mufasa, but for some reason while she sang, I felt in my spirit she was singing about the Lord.  When I read the play bill, the first person she thanked was the Lord.  So just maybe she was.  Maybe one day I’ll meet her in our homeland and I’ll get to ask her if she was.
  • Afterward we needed to grab some food, off we trotted, me coughing uncontrollably to get some Mexican.  We ate tacos quick, and Richard looked at me and said, “We are not going to the G**rs are we?”  I said, “Nope, no way.”  Then I went to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror.  YIKES.  I came back and asked him why he didn’t tell me I looked like crap.  He told me that me looking like crap was a recent development.  Thanks honey.
  • I drug myself to the only clinic open on a holiday so I could have some relief.  $200 later, and I was shot and adequately drugged.
  • Getting a shot, and buying apple juice brought back memories from Africa.  I had not had either since I was in that dreadful medical facility in Uganda.  Ah, the mean nurse that try as I might I have still not been able to forgive.  Then the apple juice, oh, the apple juice.  Did you know juice could move through your entire digestive tract in less than five minutes?  Nope me either.  Let me tell you it’s a tough situation to be in when your IV bag is tied to the curtain rod, your husband is gone, and there is no call button to be seen anywhere on your bed.  In my malaria induced stupor, I vaguely remembered that you could unhook it at the wrist.  So I did, only I forgot to push that thingy back, and left a trail of blood to the bathroom.  Then sitting there, I could feel warm fluid running down my leg.  I seriously sat there and thought, how on earth did I miss the toilet?  I haven’t used so many pit latrines that I forgot how to use a western toilet have I?  It took the nurse (that same mean one) running in and yelling at me, to realize blood was draining out of my iv.  She actually had the nerve to get mad at me for leaving my bed.  I resisted the urge to ask her exactly what she expected me to do.  Isn’t is prerequisite to be a nurse that you must be kind and loving?  Well it should be.
  • Between my mom being here and being sick I have not done laundry for a week.  A WEEK!  Do you know how much clothing seven people produce in one week?
  • That’s is simply all I can write for now.  See the previous bullet.

3 Responses to “A Week in Review”

  1. Carol Lee Says:

    Oh my, Melissa, I don’t know why the Lord insists on giving you so many unpleasant adventures to blog about! 🙂 He must really want you to be a character—I mean HAVE character and endurance! 🙂 You have been on my heart and I have been praying for you even though I didn’t know all this was going on. Love ya!

  2. laurad Says:

    and all i have to say besides glad your visit with your mom was good, and that i hope you are really feeling better now is this…

    you should remember to include the tidbit about having a GINORMOUS — ahem RED — washing machine and dryer that SINGS! It beckons you with it meldodiousness, “Flittly fly over to me and kindly remove your belongings. I swiftly and thoroughly washed them just for you because, well, because I love you so. Now run along and play dear. Go on, run along.”


    • Keltie Says:

      I love you Melissa. And you too Laura. Because you both make me smile. But I’m not smiling at your misfortune and sickness, M. Let’s just make that clear. I am abundantly thankful that soemone else is behind on house tasks over the holidays. I don’t feel so alone anymore. To help you feel better I will tell you a funny story about us in a clinic in Uganda, though mine is not about a mean old nurse like yous…Blake had to go pee, so he went to the door down the hall from the waiting room marked “Mens”. It was open about a third of the way so he pulled it open and was about to go in when he noticed the LADY doctor doing her business on the squatty potty. He apologized and hightailed it out of there so fast!

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