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If You Give a Kid a Paintbrush January 12, 2010

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For Emily

If you give a kid a paintbrush, she will ask for a set of paints.

Once she has a paintbrush and paint, she will remember how much she loves painting, and will ask to use her new paintbrush and paint  all the time.

While she is painting, she will realize she needs to rinse her brush, and she asks for a glass of water.

When she realizes no one is going to get her a glass, she pulls the chair from the table into the kitchen.  Slides it up beside the counter, climbs up and gets her own glass.

She hops down, leaving the cabinet open and the chair in the middle of the kitchen.  She fills her cup to overflowing, and leaves a trail of water all the way to the kitchen table.

As she is painting yet another masterpiece, she realizes that she will soon need more paper.  She asks her mother to go quickly to the craft store and buy her more paper so that she can paint more masterpieces.

Of course her younger brother and sister will want to go along with them to the craft store.   So mom dresses two small children smartly.  She oils their skin and combs their hair.

One by one they load into the car.  Off they go to get more paper for painting.

While at the craft store, the girl remembers all the other fun and useful things for art she has not yet received.  She will ask her mom over and over for this and that.  Making sure to use her sweetest voice and biggest smile.  Her brother and sister quickly catch on, and do the same.

The family arrives home with paper along with a new set of paints for the younger kids.

The girl sits down to paint another masterpiece.

If you give two little children a set of paints, they too will want to paint.

So off they go into the kitchen, with another chair, so that they may climb up on to the cabinet for their glass of water.  They fill their glass to overflowing, and leave a trail of water on the floor, all the way over to the table.

They set about to painting .  Each one on their own masterpiece.

Painting reminds them of that there are many other fun crafts to do.

So they go to the bookshelf and pull out the glue, glitter, and popsicle sticks.

The popsicle sticks remind them that they are hungry, so they each ask for a popsicle.

When their popsicle is all gone, they notice their sticks are stained.  The pink, green, and blue sticks remind them of painting.

So off they go, back to make another masterpiece.


6 Responses to “If You Give a Kid a Paintbrush”

  1. Shara Says:

    Beautiful!!! You should write a book:o)

  2. Carol Lee Says:

    Yep. That’s right. I was thinking how much that story sounds like a great children’s book. Those children could paint the illustrations for this book and you could become independently wealthy and famous. And then think of all the painting supplies you could get them!

  3. LauraDodson Says:

    and that’s what it’s all about, *clap*clap*

  4. Emily Says:


  5. AmyG Says:

    This is awesome!!! Seriously you are peeking in my windows, aren’t you?
    Even better than cookies, pancakes, muffins…

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