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Third Quarter January 16, 2010

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I’m preparing lesson plans for our third quarter today.

Seriously, we are the third quarter already?

We will be going into the era of the Civil War and the Reconstruction.

Something that thrills Kaleb, he is such a history buff.

It is giving me pause to think about our youngest.  Our country has such a dark and ugly stain on it because of slavery.  Truly it is a picture of what man looks like with out the savior.  It’s ugly.  There is however, also a wonderful pictures of men and women willing to fight for what is right.  Those willing to stand up for and rescue the oppressed and bring light in the darkness.  It is going to be interesting and challenging to teach them about this dark part of our history.

I am looking forward to what this semester will bring.  We have a science fair coming up and Noah, Kaleb, and hopefully a friend will be working on a really “Myth Busters” experiment.  We will get to learn about David Livingstone and Hudson Taylor for church history.  We will be reading all sorts of great fiction for literature like Great Expectations, Adventures of Tom Sawyer, and Little House on the Prairie.  Grace will be singing in a local choir.  Noah will be participating in track and field with an area co-op.  Kaleb will be testing so that he can begin dual credit course this fall.

We are all looking forward to a fulfilled and BUSY quarter.

I just hope I can keep my sanity through it all 😉


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  1. april Says:

    My husband and I were just watching a documentary today on the KKK and it broke my heart and made me sick all at the same time. Of course I have never agreed with it and have always found it awful but now that we are adopting our first child and our baby will be a beautiful chocolate color, it makes me even sicker when I watch things like this knowing these people are killing jews, blacks, hispanics and homosexuals just because the they the KKK are ignorant and foolish. I saw how they use the cross as a symbol and say they are doing this as followers of Jesus and even in one picture it showed a sign “Jesus Saves” behind them wearing their costumes…if they really knew Him, they would remember He was a jew and from the area/continent He was from, He was probably much tanner than us…He was the same thing they are wanting to kill and get rid of now! How sad…sorry i’ve went off on this but when you were talking about slavery it brought this to my mind! When we all get to eternity oh how our eyes will all be opened and we will see color, race, culture, language…none of it matters….only Jesus!

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