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After February 2, 2010

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Just over 4 1/2 years


56 months


1,711 days




My oldest child is now free from his chains.

Praise the Lord.  Neither I nor his orthodontist ever thought this day would come.

After informing Kaleb of my plans much pleading and bribing, I am able to post the before and after shots (copied from the certificate the orthodontist gave him)




6 Responses to “After”

  1. Renea Says:

    Is he thanking you yet? Mine just got braces after 2 years in a herbst appliance to grow her jaw bone. I’m told they will thank you “later.” I’m living for that day “later.” I don’t see it on the calendar any time soon….

  2. april Says:

    wow what a difference! :0)

  3. Keltie Says:

    Kaleb thank your mom and dad and then thank the orthodontist! What a gorgeous smile you’re sporting these days! It’s worth every bit of soft food you had to eat and all the chewing gum you had to give up my friend.

  4. Kori Says:

    Beautiful smile, Kaleb! 🙂

  5. Shara Says:

    Melissa, I could just absolutely cry at how old he has gotten…I mean like he’s a man. I don’t know why that makes me emotional but it does. He has a beautiful smile too!

  6. LauraDodson Says:

    Besides the fact the Kaleb looks SO good! YAY for Kaleb’s new smile.

    I”m trying to guess what the bribe price was? Thanks Kaleb for letting your mom post the before and after.

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