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Heard at My House February 8, 2010

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Oh, boy.

Grace: ” Mommy do the G’s have their children yet?”

Me: ” Yes, honey.  Mrs. G is with them, but they still cannot come home.”

Grace: “Grrr!  Why does the embassy have to be so terrible?  I know why they call it the embassy, because they are imbeciles!”

I swear, I don’t teach her these things.  Trust me when I say I have called them much worse names ;0)


4 Responses to “Heard at My House”

  1. Emily Says:

    I miss your kiddos. So glad that you post some of the things they say on here. Oh, and Tim Hawkins’ “Homeschool Family” is Lydia’s new favorite youtube which she insists on watching daily. She calls it “homeschool kids.”

  2. Tova Says:

    Imbeciles is right! I could think of a few more words to describe them.

  3. Jena Penner Says:

    I really like that Grace of yours!

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