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Bullets, They’re Not Just for Guns Anymore February 17, 2010

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  • My two dearest friends in the whole world live like 8 and 24 hours away respectively.  I miss them.  I miss their children.  I EVEN miss their husbands.  So does the rest of my family.  People should not be nice and good friends and then decide to move away.  It is just not right.
  • School books randomly and frequently disappear in our house.  It REALLY irritates me.  Currently we have been looking for Math U See Beta, for two weeks.  Anyone seen it?  Thankfully I am a home school mom, so there are no shortage of replacement books to use until the “fun” one is found.
  • While cleaning out the girl’s bedroom, looking for said math book, I managed to bring out one and a half bags of trash.  Please, someone tell me how this happens.
  • How on earth do you teach a child to read, who, due to accent, can’t say a good deal of his sounds correctly?  I am having to redo my whole approach with these last two of mine.  It’s tough.  It occasionally makes me want to pull my hair out.
  • Marissa combs her baby’s hair with a fork?????  No, she has not ever seen Little Mermaid, so where in the heck it came form I have no clue.
  • I HATE insurance companies.  Maybe it’s just us, but we seem to have encounters with only bad insurance adjusters.
  • Please tell me how someone can back their big huge truck up into my car and insist they did not do it?  How is it a police report can say that they did it…but they still lie….and the insurance company believe the LIAR, and not want to fix my car that they damaged????  Seriously, I don’t have words for how angry this makes me.  Well, I have words but they would make my G rated blog R rated and I wouldn’t want that.  Not to mention I would just have to repent afterward.
  • Was I just not taught anything in school…or did I just not learn?  Seriously.  The Civil War was so not about slavery.  Yeah, some clever people threw that in the mix, and for good reason…but man alive, I am learning some stuff this week.
  • I am VERY uncomfortable teaching all this slavery stuff with my two littles around.  It is so very hard.  We did manage to find some great children’s books that don’t just paint all white humans as the evil ones.  That helps.  My favorite was, “Follow the Drinking Gourd.”
  • I think I need a vacation.  A REAL vacation.   Everyone in my house in vying for Michigan.  Sure thing guys.  As long as Mommy can fly.  I’ll meet ya there.  A twenty-four hour drive doesn’t seem like a vacation to me.
  • The other night someone crawled into our bed.  I had taken a couple of allergy pills before bed, so I was pretty much dead to it all.  Richard tells me the next morning, that after much moving and moaning she said, “Daddy it’s so dark in here, and I have to go to the bathroom really bad.”  To which he replied, “So get up and go.”   Sweet thing said,  “I can’t find it, I keep ending up in the closet.”  For some reason that made me laugh so hard I snorted Kiefer up my nose.  THAT was an interesting experience.
  • I am officially sick of the cold weather, and I am ready for spring.  Bring on the heat.
  • We are now off to do science and art with friends.  Then on to track.  We have something going on everyday of the week but Friday.  This is not like our family at all.  I have found though, that it makes me stay on task and get my work done much faster.  I have always worked better in a crunch.

That being said, I’m not sure I have fully unloaded my clip, but it will have to do.  ( A line just for you dear.  I know you will appreciate the meaning)


8 Responses to “Bullets, They’re Not Just for Guns Anymore”

  1. Keltie Says:

    Who is Keifer and is he okay? ;-0)

  2. I just said to someone that I need to plan a weekend away. Great minds and all that.

    WHAT did you snort?

    If you find out the answer to the breeding trash please let me know. It’s appalling! And I am not pack rat. Quite the opposite. I swear it come out from the baseboards at night.

    I also, with good reason, hate insurance adjusters. Slimier than lawyers and surgeons. (sorry to all the lawyers, surgeons and adjusters that are GREAT human beings, I just haven’t met you) However, adjusters are better to deal with than those that work in Canadian Immigration. Again, waiting to meet someone in CIC who makes me eat my words.

    • faithfulremembrances Says:

      It is a cultured yogurt like drink thing….yummy…plus it helps my tummy. It didn’t help my nose.

      The growth of trash is unbelievable. Seriously.

      How do I get my husband to let me go somewhere by myself? Or with him, with out children, and not going to meet a child?

      Suregons? I have to be honest I have never met a surgeon who is anywhere near as bad as insurance adjusters or Canadian Immigration. For you to lump them in that group, well you must have had a pretty bad experience.

  3. laurad Says:

    had fun. sorry M wasn’t well. it made me really happy to have 3/5 of your brood here…next week @ yours? A is ready to meet the dog, even though he said he’ll just pet the kitties.

    “Ande we do not go to Marissa’s and William’s?”

    “Huh? House?”

    “Yes. They’re house.”

    “Oh. They have a big dog. It’s name is Piper.”

    “Yesterday, William and Marissa were afraid of Piper?”

    “Um, more like a year and half ago, but yes, they were afraid, and now they’re friends.”

    “Ande, ande the dog does not eat?”

    “Nope. The dog will not eat you. But she’ll jump on you.”

    “Eeeeh….I will pet the kitties inside the house.”

    “Ok. Now go to sleep.”

    • faithfulremembrances Says:

      You have to tell him like we did William.

      Has the dog eaten William?
      Has he eaten Marissa?
      What about their mommy or daddy?
      Well then, he won’t eat you either. Pi-pah is our friend 🙂

      My children had fun too. Caleb is good for Noah, and you are good for Grace.
      Thank you!

  4. Janet Says:

    Insurance companies are NOT my friend right now. NOT my friend.

    • faithfulremembrances Says:

      I am normally a non-violen type, but I think all insurance adjusters should be strung up by there toes and tortured in some strange and unique way. Maybe it will help them actually have a heart and compassion. Just sayin’

  5. I learned the Zulu knot thing off of YouTube. I didn’t hold them with anything which is why they don’t last. I think when she has more hair I could use an elastic and pin to hold them.

    Oh, Kiefer…of course. Alrighty then…I feel unhealthy around you. As my kids would say ‘You were drinking good bugs?

    Word press. Hmmm….can you come over and show me how to work it? I am a visual learner.

    And yes, chunk muffin is a good description. He is HEAVY. People keep coming up to him in public and talking to him and asking him questions. I have to tell them that he is too young to carry on a conversation with them. They refuse to believe me and continue to ask him what his name is…whatever, like I, the mom, would know. 🙂

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