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Heard at My House March 2, 2010

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Last night during her bedtime prayers, Marissa says, “Please help me grow up so I can go to Africa and see my friends.”

Tonight it was, “Please help me to stop saying crap.”

By the way, I wasn’t  aware that the word crap was even in her vocabulary.

Can’t wait until tomorrow night to see what’s on her heart.

On the way home from our quarterly home school learning fair, the kids were excitedly talking about their next projects.  Grace was asking about different countries, as this next one will be a geography/culture fair.  She was asking if people from Haiti are African.  Really she was trying to ask if they are brown, but that is how she asked.

I reply, “Um no.  They are Haitians, since they are from Haiti.  Africans are from Africa.”

From way in the back I hear William pipe up, “Yep that’s right.  That’s why we are brown, because we are from Africa.”

I laughed and repeated what he said, to which Marissa replied, “No you mommy, you no brown.  Where are you from?  Oh, you are white because you live in Texas.”

Boy is she in for a shock when she realizes most people in Texas are not white, but then again, I guess they’re not from Texas either.

Just sayin’


One Response to “Heard at My House”

  1. Keltie Says:

    LOL at the please help me stop saying crap. I think I need to pray that prayer about several words these days!

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