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Heard At My House March 30, 2010

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During a much long and drawn out birthday present saga (of which I will blog about later) the following conversation happened:

Grace: “Mommy!  Daddy would never not by you a birthday present!”

Me: “Your daddy went years without buying me a birthday present.”

Grace: “Yes, but that was BEFORE.  Your relationship is much better now.”

Me: “Well, I did not buy daddy a present for his birthday, just two weeks ago.”

Grace: “Yes, well that’s because you’re still not fixed.  You still got a few screws that need to be hammered in.”

That’s right dear, I am far from fixed.  I have a few screws so stubborn they require hammering in.


4 Responses to “Heard At My House”

  1. Tova Says:


    Gasp, snort, gasp….wiping the tears running off my face.

    The things that kids say to their parents if so true! Like the time G. said to me that he would take care of B, but that I would still get to deal with all the poop!

    Truer words couldn’t have been said at the time.

  2. april Says:

    hahaha seriously…she said that, oh my word that cracked me up! Boy do we all have a few screws that need fixed!

  3. laurad Says:

    goodness that girl. she’s full of witty quips…kinda like her mom.

  4. Emily Says:

    I really shouldn’t read your blog. It just makes me miss you and your precious family more.

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