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I Told You So April 7, 2010

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I just knew it was going to be a doozy of a week.

It is currently 12:19 A.M. and I am awake, watching the house and wooded land right down from ours go up in flames.  Waiting to see if we are going to have to leave, or if our itty bitty fire department will get it contained.


4 Responses to “I Told You So”

  1. shannon Says:

    so…don’t leave me wondering. What happened? Are ya’ll ok????
    Goodness, Girl. The world seems crazy around you right now! 🙂

    • faithfulremembrances Says:

      Were good. The land was so overgrown and the the wind was blowing hard last night. They couldn’t get up to the house, so they had to call in smaller trucks. It was a mess, but all the other houses are fine…at least they were when I went to bed.

  2. laurad Says:

    why do you live such a glamorous life?

    that’s what i want to know.


  3. Cheryl Says:

    oh my goodness! from the “eventful week” post I wasn’t sure if I should be laughing or crying with you… I decided laughing was better since you seem like the kind of girl that has a great sense of humor and to be honest the coffee scenario got me good.

    But seriously… a fire! That’s just too much! Hoping the remainder of your week is UNeventful! 😉

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