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Friday Confessions April 16, 2010

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  1. I enjoyed my dentist appointment WAY too much today.  You see, it got me a QUITE forty-five minute drive all by myself.   A QUIET two hours at the dentist.   A delicious lunch of Tuna Sushi from Whole Foods.  A QUIET shopping trip without people whining or fighting over who would push the cart (and then five minutes later, no longer wanting that responsibility and thus leaving the cart behind, filled with food and siblings) or people asking me for a thousand different things that they already know I am not going to buy.  Another forty five minutes in the quiet car.  Just what I needed.
  2. Upon returning home from the dentist, I found a completely trashed toy room.  I contemplated no longer taking care of my teeth so I could go to the dentist more often.
  3. Three days this week my breakfast and lunch consisted of coffee.  I know it says in Scripture that man cannot live by bread alone, but I’m thinking maybe man could live by coffee alone.
  4. After spending FOREVER trying to find my polling location, so I could vote in the runoff election, I was totally irritated and let the ladies at the polling station know it.  Nice christian witness I gave.
  5. After asking those same ladies how many people had come in and voted, and they pointed to the paper with EIGHT signatures on it, I polished up my witness by letting them know that more people probably would have been able to vote had they actually been able to FIND the polling station.
  6. I am slow to listen, quick to speak, and quick to become angry.
  7. Kaleb and Noah have cooked supper three times in the last seven days.  That’s my job.  I’m not doing so great at it.
  8. Sometimes I think that if I were to have an evaluation, like what I would have if I had a real job, I would be found so completely lacking that I would get fired on the spot.

3 Responses to “Friday Confessions”

  1. Tova Says:

    I laughed so hard at this.

    Oh. Thank you!

  2. Amanda Says:

    There is much grace for you my friend and coffee! 😉 Besides, hopefully one day when your young men get married, you will have the most grateful daughter-in-law’s on the planet!

  3. Emily Says:

    I must confess my sin on envying your trip to the dentist.

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