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State Track April 27, 2010

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Saturday was the Texas home school state track meet.  We headed out to Belton so that Noah cold compete.  It was a great day, with over 300 over children competing.  This was an excellent time for Noah, as all his other meets have been against some larger public schools.  I don’t know what they feed those children for lunch, but let me just tell you those boys are HUGE.  Like man-sized huge. When you look at them you think to yourself that there is no way they are twelve years old.

This guy, looks like a normal twelve-year-old:  long, gangly, and awkward.  Not bulked up, filled out, and covered in facial hair :0)

Anyway, he competed in four events.  He got third place in both discus and 110m hurdles, he placed fourth in the 800m run, and eleventh in the 100m dash.  He did exceptionally well, considering all he has ever competed in before was long distance events.  The kids were allowed to pick the events they wanted to compete in.  We encouraged Noah, to pick things he has always wanted to try, but hadn’t had a chance to.  He practiced the discus for about thirty minutes prior to the event.

Here he is throwing his third place throw.

I didn’t get a picture of him running hurdles, as this slacker mother completely missed the whole event.  I was wrapped up in a conversation with a friend about her soon to be son from Haiti, and looking at pictures of the other children from the same orphanage in Haiti who will be having families and all going to the same church soon.  You can see how distracting that would be right?

I have pictures of him running the other events, but I am trying to get used to Adobe Elements, and quite frankly I am so inept, that I have to limit the pictures at this point.  I sure do hope I get that program figured out soon.  I might just have to make a trip for a personal tutorial from my dear friend.

My Chicken waiting.  Love this girl.

Love this girl too.

Love this guy too.  He is such a boy, he is ALWAYS dirty.

My favorite track meet companion.  “Yook mommy!  A yittle yady bug.  She es so cute.  I want to keep her forefer and efer!”

I have a ton more pictures of our camping trip that followed the track meet, but considering how long it took me to edit these, it might be a while before I post them


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  1. lauradodson Says:

    Ooh, THAT ladybug. ;o) I think you need a bug box from WM. And she can feed it, and love it, and pet it, and call it Fred.

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