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Don’t Be Fooled May 13, 2010

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Don’t let this pretty face fool you.

Don’t let the fact that she is most comfortable in skirts and dresses fool you.

She may look like your typical girly girl.

Just remember looks can be deceiving.

If you’ve ever wondered if television impacts your children, let me assure you it does.

After a watching a few episodes of Survivor Man, your children become willing to do just about anything in the name of excitement and survival.

Case in point:

Yesterday, while at the beautiful crystal clear wading area at a local park, the above mentioned child did the unthinkable.  Her brothers did too, but this mother has just come to expect certain behaviors from the males in her house.  I, along with a friend, watched this sweet and oh so refined young lady lay a live minnow down on the ground, pick up a rock and remove its head, then plop the remains in her mouth, chew it up and swallow.

Her ever so appropriate reply?

“Taste like fish.”


8 Responses to “Don’t Be Fooled”

  1. Tova Says:

    That’s disgusting. Just disgusting. On the other hand, maybe she just had a craving for sushi??? I get those cravings sometimes.

    I also want to get on a plane. Can’t afford it though. I am contemplating driving the 13 hours alone. If you don’t count the 6 year old, the 5 year old and the 1 year old that has taken to repeating ‘out, out, out, out, OUT!’ whenever he is strapped in his carseat.

    Ya, that sounds like fun.

  2. Keltie Says:

    So what is Melissa flies to Vancouver and drives with you? LOL Oh my wouldn’t it be nice though?

    I need to find my head and then I can find my house.

    And that is gross, but kind of cool that your girl is so adventurous. She could have made you a mint on Fear Factor.

  3. Shara Says:


  4. lauradodson Says:

    Mine asked, “Did Gracie really eat a minnow?” “Indeed she did!” “How do YOU know?” “Cuz I WATCHED!” ;o)

  5. Tova Says:

    Oh Laura! I’m so sorry you had to witness that. How about you and Melissa get yourselves to Vancouver and I will get Keltie down here and we can have ourselves a party?

  6. april Says:

    are you kidding me? oh my gosh! wow…i remember killing a mouse but I never would have thought to eat it…kids crack me up! :0)

  7. Janet T. Says:

    Eeewwwwww! My eldest daughter would try that too. Sigh.

  8. Kori Says:

    Gracie—there are no words…..except maybe WHAT WERE YOU THINKING????? ewwww….

    And to think I didn’t come, so I could protect y’all from a stomach virus. If eating that doesn’t make you sick at your stomach, I don’t know what would….

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