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Add A May 14, 2010

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Paper Bead Necklace From Uganda to your jewelry collection, and in the process help out a family FINALLY bring their children home.

You can purchase your awesome necklace HERE.

My dear friend Keltie and her husband Blake have been through the ringer during this adoption.  In case you are not familiar with their story, a year and a half ago they lost $25,000 do to a corrupt adoption facilitator.  Unwilling to give up, they accepted another referral from another facilitator.  All was seeming to go well, and God miraculously provided all the money they lost in a very short period of time.  They flew to Uganda and obtained guardianship orders for two amazing children last May.  Kelite ultimately had to leave Africa with out her children.  Her government made repeated requests for new paper work, new documents, and a full investigation.  Finally they asked for them to obtain full adoption orders.   Keep in mind all this time their family is on two different continents and they are paying for childcare for their two children stuck in Uganda.  In spite of mounting legal fees they pressed on, and obtained full adoption orders in Uganda last November.  Surly, they would be issued visas now.  Even though they had been Blake and Keltie’s in their hearts for months, now they had legal proof on paper.  Months dragged on and they heard nothing.  Keltie left for Uganda again in February.  She was able to do amazing work while she was there working with the poor and the orphans.  Sadly, she returned home with out her children again last Friday.  None could possibly understand her heartbreak, in leaving behind her two vulnerable children once again.

There is good news though…

Unexpectedly, and to the PRAISE OF OUR GLORIOUS LORD, they received word this week that visas have been issued and their children are FINALLY free to come home.

That is where the necklaces come into play.  Those babies need airfare to London and so does their escort.  Blake needs to get to London and then bring the children home to Canada.  A heavy price tag to be sure, even for the most well off families.  For the Gaunts, though, after all they have sacrificed these last few months, it is huge.

This family has truly modeled the relentless pursuit of our Heavenly Father, and His adoption of his children.  They have been weary, weak, and wounded during this process.  Many told them to walk away, to just give up.  They committed to do what you or I would do with our children…fight and give all they had to bring them safely into their arms.  This process has cost them dearly, not just financially, but emotionally as well.  What a joy to come along side them and play a part in caring for orphans, and bring children into their family.

So what do you say, how about a necklace or two?

Why not spend $10 $20 or even $50 to purchase a necklace for yourself, and one for those special girls in your life.

You’ll get a totally awesome necklace, that when purchased the first time helped a Uganda mother feed her children, and when you purchase them will help bring two children home to their forever family, where a loving mother, father, brother, and sister have been waiting endlessly for their arrival.

What could be better than that?

Don’t wait, go check it out today.


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