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First Stop Little Rock June 9, 2010

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It takes approximately five minutes short of forever to get out of Texas from where we live.  As a result trips to anywhere have to be taken in stages.

Our first stop was in Little Rock.

We purposely booked a hotel that had a pool.  Thinking in advance, we thought it would be a great way for the children to burn off all their pent-up energy.  We arrived at the hotel, checked in, got everyone all worked up about swimming, and found out the pool was closed.

Now what?

Get out our handy-dandy GPS and look  under “attractions”.

1.  Bill Clinton Presidential Library

Um, no thanks.

2.  Little Rock Central High School

Sounds like a field trip to me.

Short background information:  Central High School was the center of a mass of controversy.  After the decision handed down in Brown vs.  The Board of Education, integration of black and white students was to take place, slowly over a period of time.  A handful of High School Students in Little Rock were chosen to be the first to integrate into the public “white” school.  This was a huge moment for these students who had been being educated at a sub par school at best.   What was to be a peaceful transfer soon became a spectacle of shame,  thanks in large part to the governor of Arkansas.  The world watched as  these children boldly and proudly walked toward their new school.  Riots soon broke out, with the media caught in the middle, they received the brunt of the violence that first day.

It is an interesting story, and a good reminder of how little time has passed, since in our history as Americans, we have embraced equality with our lips bought fought against it with our deeds.  You can read more about the time and the students HERE.

I have to say here, that it is flat-out shocking to me to think that just 50 years ago, some of my children would not have had the opportunity to go to good schools, while three of my children would have.  Two of  my children would have been limited to the poor, rundown, and underfunded schools dictated solely by the color of their skin.

Fifty years ago was not so very long ago.

The School is still active, so the museum is across the street.  We were there when school let out.  We saw a sea of brown faces, not a single white one.  I am sure there are some, but  we learned a lesson that day:  We haven’t changed much at all.  Segregation is still alive and well in our schools, neighborhoods, and sadly our churches.

Perhaps one of the more famous photos from the time.  The young lady in this photo is quoted as saying that she searched the crowd for a friendly face.  When she finally thought she found one, the friendly face spat on her.

Can not imagine my son and daughter being taken to school not by a big yellow bus, or my car, but armed military soldiers.

I love photographing flowers.  They had a lovely garden and sitting area across from the school.

There is an old gas station there too.  They should make all gas pumps look like this, then I would always have a big smile of my face as I pump one hundred dollars into my tank.

Our little integrated family.


2 Responses to “First Stop Little Rock”

  1. Tova Says:

    This made me cry. We still have a long ways to go don’t we? But at least they don’t need armed guards. Just feisty mama’s. 🙂

  2. Summer Says:


    Glad you enjoyed a nice family vacation!

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