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If You Want Something Done Right July 3, 2010

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Do it yourself.

After untold number of dollars.

Countless hours spent sitting in beauty salons with a crying daughter.

Countless hours spent sitting in some strange woman’s house, that did not smell good.

With both of those places having shows on the television that were not appropriate for young children…or adults for that matter.

Not to mention countess hours taking out those hair styles, that were not what I wanted, nor what I asked for.

I broke down and did it my self.

212 braids in.

I am ever so happy with the outcome.

With the exception of the aching back and hands.

Let the locking begin.


4 Responses to “If You Want Something Done Right”

  1. shannon Says:

    OH YES!! Fabulous job, Mama!!!! Now-tell me how to lock. I definitely don’t have that down, but am real good with braids and beads! 🙂 Your way braver than I am to begin with-I was always too scared to take Becky to a salon.

  2. Tova Says:

    Nicely done! I did twists in my baby’s hair in the hopes of doing locs. I love it!

  3. Janet T. Says:

    So….how DO you do locs? Hmmm? HMMMMM??? Spill it, momma.

  4. Cheryl Says:

    Well done! I am super impressed! I’ll have to learn that myself. 🙂

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