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Where I’ve Been Going. July 30, 2010

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Internet Abc’s.

“Type the first letter in the bar and see what you’re computer thinks you’re looking for.”

A.——  Adoption Advocates International News and updates

B.——  Adoption blog that I have only been to one time, so why it is first is beyond me.

C.——  Free adobe elements downloads.

D.——  Self Explanatory.

E.——The Theater where we watched Romeo and Juliet

F.——More adobe downloads, these are not free though.


H.—–Cool ministry in Uganda, where you can sponsor children and know all your money is going to                                                                                 help your sponsored child.

I.—–Again a site I have only been to one time, website of a man whose mother abused him.  He’s turned his                                                                 grief into ministry.

J.——A blog a have been reading for nearly three years.  This lady makes me laugh.

K.—–Looking for something for my mom.

L.——My friend.

M.—–My favorite place to buy herbs.

N.—–My wish list.

O.——Really cool website that helps you pray for every people group in the world in the course of a year.

P.—–Fellow Uganda mommy and fellow lover of Jesus.

Q.—–Bible study Grace will be doing this year, as will the little ones once they can read.

R.—–A must before a night out.  Coupon codes get us $25 gift certificates for $2.00

S.——Web site for moms

T.—–An always encouraging blog.

U.——Fascinating and depressing all at the same time.  Check it out and look at the population vs food stamps.

V.—–Sweet daughters of Jesus, honoring him and their fathers and mothers.

W.——my blog

X.  XL Twin Tempur-Pedic Adjustable Base w/ Remote——It was actually a craigslist ad.

Y.—–our(Richard and I share an email account) mail for now, I will be switching to gmail real soon.

Z.—–checked it out, and won’t be buying it.


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