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Stoney August 10, 2010

Filed under: Family — faithfulremembrances @ 6:50 pm

I hate soda (pop for you northerners).

Absolutely loathe it.

I belive it to be the most disgusting thing ever made.

With one exception.


Found in beautiful, lush, tropical Uganda.


It is actually ginger beer.

I’ve been craving me some awful bad.

Since hitching a plane to Uganda is just not practical, I brewed some myself.

Mmmm, it smells the same and tastes the same.

I’m a happy girl.


8 Responses to “Stoney”

  1. Keltie Says:

    There are so many things I love and respect about you, but STONEY????? Ew. That’s all. Just Ew. And Vile.

  2. shannon Says:

    I can’t say it was one of my favorites. I tried it one time in UG-that was enough for me. You are one resourceful gal, I’ll say. Good for you!! Enjoy!!

  3. Tova Says:

    Um, hello? Recipe?

  4. Tova Says:

    Oh, and I feel the same way about pop. Actually, I might have stronger feelings than you as I am actually quite paranoid about it. I believe I even wrote about it once…

    • faithfulremembrances Says:

      I promise you that our feelings about soda are at the very least comparable. I pretty much feel it is evil. I believe it to be addicting, it ruins your intestinal health and your teeth, if it comes in cans it ruins your blood chemistry and your brain cells, most of it is made with HFCS which is without a doubt the most evil invention of mankind, I have a personal conviction that it’s not real good stewardship either….HOWEVER I also have that same conviction about Starbucks, and yet I find myself in the drive- through there a couple times a month ;0)

  5. Our attempts to brew left us with very foamy beer. Glad you had success!! Sounds yummy!

  6. Keltie Says:

    M- That;s why I felt ok drinking it in UG….no HFCS, but here at home I rarely drink anything carbonated. Plus there is nothing like a soda from a glass bottle in Africa. Really.

  7. Tova Says:

    Oooooh, I’m in good company than. Paranoid, company. And Starbucks! Really? I’m sad. Mostly because I just don’t like their food/drinks. Everything is too sweet and too processed and I am never, ever, happy with what I consume there. Please find a small independent coffee shop to switch too. And it won’t be a problem tomorrow, because then you will be in Canada and you can come to my local coffee shop that uses real ingredients that have been sourced fairly. I love living in a city full of granola people. Most of the time. Until they revere my dog more than my children. Then I want to move.

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