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I Won, Now What? August 15, 2010

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A couple of weeks back, I won a 16gb ipad during an adoption fundraiser for an “internet friend” who one day I hope to meet in real life.  If you missed her story, you should go and check it out.   A sweet couple heading back to the adoption world, yet again, to bring home a precious daughter.  A daughter who happens to be HIV positive.  I know this mama’s history.  I am telling you that this is huge for her in so many ways.   I know what she went through during their last adoption.  If it were me, I would have a hard time stepping out and doing it again.  I think most people would.  However, when God has a plan, we cannot stop it.  By grace she is trusting the Lord, and is stepping out in faith,  to bring home another child in need of a family.  If you missed out on your chance to support them, it’s not too late.  If nothing else, drop and by  her blog and commit to praying for their family, and their daughter a half a world away.


What on earth am I going to do with an ipad?

I’ll tell you what…

I am going to pass it on to someone else, by doing another fundraiser.

This time for a “in real life” friend.

I can’t wait to tell you about this Jesus loving couple.

This couple has taken well over forty children into their home over the years.

All without public assistance.

All because they love Jesus.

Stay tuned for details on how to join in on his awesome opportunity to help this couple minister to their daughters.


4 Responses to “I Won, Now What?”

  1. OOOH. I think I know who!

  2. Keltie Says:

    I cannot wait to hear more.

  3. Sheri Says:

    I’m glad you won the iPad. I was hoping it’d be someone I “know”, even if only online. And what a blessing you are to pass it on in a way to help another one of God’s gifted families.

  4. Isabelle Says:

    Remember me? You used to read my blog and post comments on it! I have just been rereading through my blog as I need to do a chronology for Social services as they are working on his adoption in the UK!!!
    Anyway, just though I would drop by to say ‘hi’!
    How are you?

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