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iPad Give Away August 22, 2010

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For Who: Home of family Warmth


I first heard about this precious couple a few years back.  My pastor was sharing a story about a home that they had built years ago.  They felt the Lord was telling them that this home would be a girl’s home.  They thought it would be them who would run the home.  Turns out it wasn’t to be them.  Just like David made plans to build the temple, but Solomon would be the one to actually build it.  Our pastor and his wife were to be the planners of the home,  Jerry and Vickie Williams were to be the ones to build it.

At the time I heard this story, I was struck by how the Lord moved on one man’s heart, giving a vision of what was to come.  I marveled at how the Lord used him to further  His work in preparing a place of ministry for another.

I TOTALLY missed the fact that they have an awesome ministry to sweet precious souls, hurting and in need of a family that loves and serves a risen Savior.

Fast forward to earlier this year.  Richard and I were thinking of adopting a girl via disruption.  As events unfolded, we realized that we were not going to be this child’s parents.  We were moved however, to continue to look for a home for her.  I talked about her to EVERYONE who would listen (and even a few who didn’t).  Finally a dear sweet sister in Christ  mentioned Home of Family Warmth.  At the time she was teaching with Vickie at a local private school, and she said she would speak with her the following day.  Long story short, that child is now living with Jerry and Vickie.

That is how this family became the focus of this fundraiser.

What’s the scoop?

This couple loves the Lord Jesus and seeks to bring girls into their home to raise them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.  These girls come to them broken and hurting.  Jerry and Vickie seek to bring them face to face with the ONE who can bind up the brokenhearted, heal their afflictions, and give them new life.

This is not your regular girls home.

This is a family.

Jerry and Vickie love these girls as if they were their own flesh and blood.  In fact, if you could see Vickie’s facebook page you would see the words, “I have 47 daughters.”  Jerry has walked more than one of these sweet souls down the aisle on her wedding day.  Those truths alone, make this a ministry worth supporting.

When I asked Vickie what she would like everyone to know about their ministry she said that she most wanted everyone to know that their hope is to show these girls what a true christian family should look like.  How a family, choosing to follow Christ should function.  She spoke of showing them strong godly male leadership, in a father that is not just there but involved and leading.  What it means to have the Lord at the center of all they do.  The joy that comes from long family dinners, laughing and telling stories.  The hope that comes from the study of the Scriptures.  Their purpose and goal is to immerse these girls in the love of Christ, in all that they do.

While this may indeed be a family, it is also a ministry.

Ministries need funding.

Home of Family Warmth does NOT RECEIVE ANY GOVERNMENT FUNDING.  They rely solely on the donations of people just like you and me.  Until recently, Vickie earned a small salary teaching at a local christian school.  Through a series of event, she is now at home, and they are home schooling their eight girls.  They truly are trusting the Lord to provide for all their needs.

That is where this fundraiser comes in.  A couple of weeks ago we won a 16 gig iPAD via another fundraiser.  We went ahead and upgraded this iPAD to 32 gig and are now going to be raffling it off to one blessed winner.

What are the rules?

Donate $10.00 for one chance in the drawing.  For every ten dollars donated you will get another chance in the drawing.

When you’re ready to donate to this awesome family: Go to their website and click the link on their home page to donate via pay pal.  Be sure to put in the note your name, address, and the words iPAD,  so we know who you are and that you are a part of this fundraiser.  Otherwise you won’t get your name in the drawing for the iPAD

I am going to need help spreading the word, so here’s the scoop on that:

Post and link back to this on you blog or facebook.  Every time you post you will get your name in a drawing for a gift certificate of your choice in the amount of $25 toward one of  my two favorite place on the web or You post.  You win.  You pick.  Post a bunch for more chances to win!

Post a comment here with a link to your post, so I will know you shared the link, otherwise your name won’t be in the drawing for the gift certificate.

Contest ends at Midnight September 15, 2010 at which time the drawing will be done for both the iPAD and the gift certificate.

*Once again, much to the dismay of at least one of my children, no one living in the Burpee house is eligible to win.  They are however eligible to donate ;0)


10 Responses to “iPad Give Away”

  1. Burpees, words can’t express what reading this made me feel. One of our Elders in our church spoke a little yesterday before he led prayer, and spoke about planting seeds and letting God water them. Jerry and I have held on to that Biblical teaching for many years when thinking about girls that haven’t allowed our love to help them. That God was just using us to plant the seed and we have to let Him to the watering. However, there are lots of young women that God has let us enjoy seeing the fruit of all of our labor! Hallelujah!

    Thank you, Burbees, for what you are doing for us! Another jewel in your crowns!

    And thank you for letting God use you to bring us our 46th daugher!


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  3. Tova Says:

    I’m linked and spreading the word!

  4. kristine Says:

    I am so grateful that the Lord has given us such a wonderful family while we wait to join him in our Real Home. Posting again to FB, hopefully you’ll get some more attention for the giveaway!

  5. Kathryn Taylor Says:

    I just promoted it on my facebook profile!!/profile.php?id=889505250

  6. Kirsten Taylor Says:

    Thank you for supporting the Home of Family Warmth! I have known this ministry for a long time and have seen so much fruit over the years! I just posted today on facebook,!/kirstenrenae.
    Thanks again! Hope this is a super successful fundraiser! =)

  7. Emily Says:

    Thanks for doing this. It is so wonderful to have people living out the gospel in Seguin, touching so many lives, giving hope to the hopeless, love to the unloved…

  8. Sharon Smith Says:

    hey girls! had to get my name in here too!!

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