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They Said What September 1, 2010

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The other day Marissa came up behind Richard and squeezed him real hard around the middle.  She says to him, “I yuv you daddy, you are so soft.”  Upon which Richard says, “What do you mean I am soft?”  With a big grin, she grabs him again around the middle and squeezes his belly and wiggles it a bit and says, “You’re soft.”

We went to the children’s museum in Fort Worth.  While there we watched a 4d film about fossil fuels (you know the kind where the seats move and the wind blows and you get squirted with water).   It was a fun little flick filled with lies, misnomer, and bad science.  Still, it was fun though, because there was this giant T-rex that gets all up in your face and drools on you.  Anyway, when it was over, as we were leaving the theater, Grace YELLS out, “That was awesome.  Of course it was all nonsense, but it was still awesome!”

Earlier that day we were at Target, waiting on a friend.  Killing time shopping, you find the time to notice things you wouldn’t normally, and you find yourself with the time to ponder what you see.  Grace spots a t-shirt in the little girls department that reads “SASSY” across the front.  She’s just like her mother, and doesn’t really have a quiet voice, so she announces to everyone with in the store, “Why would anyone put that on their kid?  I mean it might be true, but that doesn’t mean you should advertise it.”

The other day Noah and his friend were working on getting a soda bottle rocket to launch.  They were having numerous problems with their launch pad.  As several people stood around outside, patiently waiting in the horrid heat and humidity (at which point I prayed fervently for a long northern winter complete with ice and snow) I said, “Who knew this was going to be so difficult.”   Kaleb, without missing a beat, replies, “Well, it is rocket science.”


8 Responses to “They Said What”

  1. Love it all!!! So funny!!!

  2. Tova Says:

    Those are all fabulous comments and insights. They all made me laugh. I sympathize with the shirt comment the most. I hate those shirts that say things I would never want my kids to identify with. Sadly, ‘sassy’ is far from the worst I’ve heard or seen. My kids also will say things in not so subtle ways in loud voices. I alternate between embarrassment and pride. 🙂

    Oh, and thanks for the tips re. twitchy legs. I am taking magnesium, will look into potassium and….darn, forgot the other one. Got a supplement suggestion for forgetfulness?

    And a request? Could you do a post on Kefir? You mentioned it once and I am seeing it more and more and would love to know your take on it.

  3. Sheri Says:

    Sounds like Grace is filled with grace when it comes to stating the facts. I love it!! The shirt thing is SO true.

  4. Carol Says:

    I LOVE these candid moments and glad you are recording them, because you DO forget them after many years!

  5. Shauna Says:

    Cute Kids! I fear the day when I do not have little ones to laugh at/with!

  6. lauradodson Says:

    i almost peed my pants standing in your front yard. Kaleb is such a crack-up…all of your kiddos are, but Kaleb totally nailed it.

  7. Kori Says:

    Just so y’all know that God answers prayers…..If we don’t have that kinda winter, we’ll know that God answered *my* prayer! LOL!!! I’m hoping you get some cold weather, but, we’ve got cows—-and they don’t go well together with ice and snow, and northern winters…..

  8. AmyG Says:

    Such smart and observant kiddos! Just love them!

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