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Second Week of School September 3, 2010

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We have successfully finished up our second week of school.

Can I just say that Andrew Pudewa is my HERO.

I told Richard last night that if I ever get to meet him, I am going to kiss his feet.

Somehow, he just didn’t think that was a good idea.

The three big ones are all doing an IEW writing intensive this year.  Seriously, Noah was having a nervous breakdown about the whole thing.  Two weeks  and three papers later, he is already a better writer.    He’s enjoying it too ;0)

We are also using IEW’s Spelling Zoo program.  Why didn’t I know about this NINE years ago?????   Want to see terrible spellers make progress and become excited about it?  Come to my house, it’s like a miracle everyday.  Kaleb is doing their advanced vocabulary program.

Again, Andrew Pudewa is my hero.

I think he deserves a Nobel Peace Prize.

Then again maybe not.   They give those things out to just about anybody anymore.

I have a secret too.

You can’t EVER tell anyone.

I am enjoying higher math.

It’s like solving a puzzle.


It is very orderly, consistent, and predictable.

Somehow, that just makes me feel good inside.

Kaleb has an AWESOME government program, and for the first time in his home school life he has an actual history textbook (so he can finish up the last hundred years).  HE HATES IT.   He says  it’s  no wonder everyone hates history.   He figures if he had been reading this boring drivel for history he would hate it too.  I get mommy of the year award for doing classical education.  It produced children who love history and literature.  I might break down and buy him some good in-depth books.  No sense in torturing the boy.

The others still get good books for history.  We are up to the early 1900’s and will finish to current events this year.  Then we will start back over at the beginning of time next year.

Kaleb has an AMAZING chemistry teacher.  Have you ever heard of virtual home school group?  No?  That’s because people want to keep it a secret so that there is always space for their children.  That’s why you’ve been left out of the loop.  Greed.  Anyway,  Apologia Chemistry complete with  lectures, quizzes, labs, and tests.  I’m just here to assist when necessary.  Which turns out is about everyday.  Still, I just watch the lecture and I am good to go.   I simply couldn’t live with out this.  It is flat-out a gift from God, because He loves me….or because he loves my children and knows they need a sane mother.

All four younger children started using Answers in Genesis science curriculum.  I wanted this for a while, but I wanted to touch it and get a good look at it before I bought.  When we went to the Creation Museum I got to have a good long look at it, and decided it was definitely worth adding to our collection. We bought all four, and this year we are studying God’s Design for Life.   It’s good and I am very happy with it.

Monday after next we will start BSF as a family and will incorporate the daily assignments from that into our school time.  Along with that Grace is getting some extra discipleship time with mom using Polished Cornerstones.

William and Marissa will be focusing on becoming good readers, penmanship, and plugging along in their Math U See program.

Two weeks down 33 to go.


3 Responses to “Second Week of School”

  1. Shara Says:

    I always love hearing about your journey’s in homeschooling! It gets me excited about my own. We just finished week two as well and I’m so glad we’re back to it! That thing you said about enjoying higher math…umm, who hit you with a 2X4? I want to believe you but I just don’t see how that’s possible. Love ya’ll!

  2. faithfulremembrances Says:

    Heehee. After two years of chaos, stress, illness, and life altering events I have come to love predictability and constants. If I have to find it math, than so be it ;0)

    Although I did smack myself real hard in the face with a piece of cardboard the other day….

    Love ya right back.

  3. AmyG Says:

    So glad you are liking AIG…we’ll have to do that!
    I got AP’s writing and spelling this year too!!!
    WE are starting all this up later in September after we finish up what we are working on now. So glad it is as good as I thought it was!

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