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What it Looks Like September 16, 2010

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“The Lord enters into judgement against the elders and leaders of his people: ‘It is you who have ruined my vineyard; the plunder from the poor is in your houses. What do you mean by crushing my people and grinding the faces of the poor?’ Declares the Lord almighty.” Isaiah 3:14-15

This verse has been on my heart since yesterday morning.

How exactly does one plunder from those who have nothing?

How does one fill up their home with plunder from those who have nothing?

I wonder if it looks like this:

Untold numbers of shoes(costing hundreds of dollars), when there are those with out a single pair.

Purchasing a four dollar drink when there are those without clean water.

A closet, dressers, and storage buckets FULL of clothes, when there are those who are clothed in the same rags day in and day out.

Numerous electronics and gadgets that we certainly could live with out, while people go without the food they need for survival.

Neglecting  our health with various foods that destroy the body, spending untold amount of money to do so, when there are mothers who will bury their children today because they didn’t have two bucks for medicine.

Maybe it looks like children who have more than they need, when there are children who don’t even have a father and mother.

Or what about this:

Having an entire book shelf full of Bibles in various translations, while there are people in this world who would give anything (and indeed some have given their very lives) to own just a few pages of one.

What about having at my disposal an unlimited amount of information about the Lord and His word, while there are those praying that someone would come and teach them.

Worse still:

Knowing the Living God, who has set me free from my shame and guilt.  Living in the light of His infinite grace and love.  Enjoying the gift of His salvation.  Having His abiding presence to encourage and guide.  Knowing fully that this life is nothing and the hope I have waiting for me in the life to come is everything.  While there are people in deep spiritual poverty, in desperate need of the God I drink so deeply of each and every day.

That’s what it looks like in my house.

What does it look like in yours?


3 Responses to “What it Looks Like”

  1. Emily Says:

    Pretty much exactly like that. I have been in the prophets lately as well. Isaiah could pretty much be talking about America. But I won’t stop there. It is talking about me. Idolatry- if only it was about bowing to a statue…

  2. Carol Says:

    Melissa, that is so insightful and so convicting. There is so much change to be made right here and now. May my heart be under so much conviction (not condemnation) that I cannot walk by this one without doing something.

  3. Summer Says:

    Thanks. As hard as it is, I am blessed to be raising my children in a place where we are faced with the “poor” EVERY day. And even though we live in the midst of it, we are still faced with the choice of how we will respond.

    When people question why we have 10 adopted children, I tell them they need to see what we see every day. Then ask me that question again.

    I miss our emails. I think of you often 🙂

    Hugs from the North,

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