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I am at a Loss (in naming this post) October 4, 2010

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Remember Lovey Dog?

Time to meet a couple of his friends.

Kaleidoscope: A wonderful little friend of the feline variety. Bold and ambitious this little one is. She is actually an accomplished scientist, so she is the smartest of all the animals. How did she get her random and bright coloring you ask? It was a dreadful lab experiment gone wrong. A few chemicals, a spill, and an explosion led to her strange color varieties. It was limited to just a small spot on her body. However, in a desperate attempt to wash it off, the chemicals spread, causing her entire body to be bright and cheery.

Chimae: (pronounced chee-ma-ee) This adorable little monkey is from the beautiful continent of Africa. He is a playful and lovable little guy. He recently suffered a terrible accident in which his mouth was ripped off. When I noticed this grave and dangerous injury, I asked how he was going to eat, I was sure death was imminent. No worries. I was informed, he is happily receiving banana shake enemas.

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. I swear I don’t know how she comes up with this stuff (I know I know from her brain).

I thought for sure she was onto a delightful children’s book series. Very much like the beloved Beatrix Potter and her lovely little animal creatures.

That is until I heard about the enemas.

*  Yes my sweet and innocent eight year old daughter knows what an enema is.  Thanks goes out to Man vs Wild and the Gerson Therapy people along with the movie A Beautiful Truth for teaching her this wonderful little bit of trivia.

One Response to “I am at a Loss (in naming this post)”

  1. Keltie Says:

    I am seriously lol right now. I would not know what to say to my 8 year old who knew what an enema was, but I suppose it is bound to happen some time.

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