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Amazing Things Happen October 5, 2010

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When my children no longer have television and the internet to entertain them.

They suddenly remember that they really enjoy each others company.

They laugh and play together instead of bicker and argue.

They remember that a good book can never compare to a movie.

They write stories and dream up big plans.

They keep up with their chores without constant reminding or reprimanding.

I have learned these truths several times in the past.

I always forget.

Coming home tonight to my children laughing hysterically coupled with the several days of peace has reminded me that we are all happier and we have better relationships when those things are restricted.

I’m thinking this time I will purpose not to forget.


6 Responses to “Amazing Things Happen”

  1. Keltie Says:

    I can only say Amen.

  2. AmyG Says:

    I can only say “ouch”
    I know this is true as well.
    And we have very restricted tv/video access, but the momentary peace it brings me does not compensate for the lengthy relational stresses that come later. Why does that happen???

  3. kristine Says:

    Nice. true. thanks for the reminder.

  4. Tova Says:

    Well that’s true around here, but I struggle to entertain the toddler when the sibs are gone. And he sits so nicely for a 20 minute Backyardigans.

    We don’t actually have TV in the house. We have the capacity to watch DVD’s. I find you have to be way more deliberate about that then just turning the TV on. And it leads for hilarious conversations with the cable companies when they try to sell me digital TV. “ma’am, would you like to take advantage of our digital TV….” and then I say, why no thank you, we don’t watch TV. And you can hear the silence. And then they usually say their whole promotional spiel again, and I respond again. And then they usually say, “but wouldn’t you like TV?” or “really? like NO TV?” They are uncomprehending. And really, the only times I feel the loss is when we are at social gatherings where everyone is talking about the latest shows. And then I wonder what I am missing that everyone is so enamored with. And any shows I really want to see, I can get on DVD.

    We are struggling with computer time. How much time to we allow. When school is online and researching things like ‘how to make a zipline’ where do you draw the line? That’s our media struggle/juggle of the week.

    • faithfulremembrances Says:

      Tova we haven’t had cable or satellite in 10 years. We don’t have the little box so you can get all the digital channels either.

      We do have netflix with instant streaming…that has been a problem, and we usually only watch documentaries and educational shows, with a movie once a week.

      I have found even when it is educational TV, there can still be too much. Just too much watching and not enough interacting.

      We SEVERELY limit TV, Wii games, and the internet.

      However with five children, three always asking for internet time and two always asking for a movie….if I am not careful, I have someone on the internet five or six hours out of the day (if everyone spends a hour) and two hours in front of the TV. That is A LOT of time not doing things of eternal value.

      Then I get busy, and want them to have the distraction so they are not distracting me….

      Attitudes fly, there are arguments over whose turn it is to be on the computer or who gets to pick what show.

      They usually get to watch a movie if R and I go out. Then we always come home to a destroyed house and fighting children.

      Since the TV has been off since Friday, last night I came home from Bible study with a clean house, two young ones tucked in bed, and three older ones laughing and playing a game in the living room. The contrast was so stark….

  5. Tova Says:

    Amen sister! You are so right about how it starts to snowball without even meaning for it too. And how it can all be justified as educational, distraction, etc.

    At this VERY moment my children are reading Little House on the Prairie. That makes my heart all squishy. And we have been starting to play board games in this house. Hallelujah for children old enough to start playing board games. Love it.

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