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Save the Tarantulas October 21, 2010

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We took an impromptu camping trip to Lost Maples State park this weekend.  Here are just a few of the things I learned on our trip:

1.  I learned the difference between a hill and a mountain.  The children have asked me several times over the years how they  classify hills from mountains.   This time they really wanted to know if they were climbing a hill or a mountain.   Turns out it  was a mountain…just barely.

2.  My children get excited over CRAZY things.  Like drinking water from the springs.  I cautioned them, but they have read too many survival books and watched too much Man vs. Wild.  Richard let them.  When they were incredulous that I would not  partake of their water from the rock treasure, I reminded them that I’ve done the parasite thing, and I wasn’t impressed.

3.  There is actually a part of Texas I find beautiful and attractive.  It almost made me want to stay here.  Then I was reminded  that land there is WAY out of our price range.

4.  There is no cell phone service there.

5.  There are however, tarantulas.

6.  Tarantulas are aggressive and angry little creatures, with HUGE fangs to attack with.

7.  There are in fact people on this planet, apparently at our camp ground, who feel these horrid little creatures deserve saving.  These people will go to great lengths to remove them from the road so  they don’t  get ran over.  Seriously.


8 Responses to “Save the Tarantulas”

  1. Shara Says:

    I am really very impressed that you stood still long enough to take a picture of an arachnid.

  2. kristine Says:

    What a great picture of the kiddos! I miss them.
    But you can keep the tarantula all to yourself!

    So enlighten us, what is the difference between a mountain and a hill?

    And by they way! I never found out what crazy thing your husband was about to let you do! I NEED to know. Okay, I know I don’t actually NEED it, because all I NEED is salvation and I have that…but I NEED to know, okay!?@$#^%%&%^*

  3. Emily Says:

    Great photos Ms.Melissa! One time my dad brought home a tarantula for us kids that he found on the road, but it didn’t last long since he brought home crickets from his office for it to eat. (His office had been sprayed for pests.)

  4. AmyG Says:

    I can’t believe you took these photos!!!
    I have only taken some from inside a car with the windows rolled up most of the way :o)
    How did you get the one on his back…not sure I want to know!
    Hope I can sleep tonight!

  5. Tova Says:

    And here I was hoping those were just pics you found on the internet…but no….real spiders that were in your space. Gross. Disgusting. Ick. Shudder.

    We have a plethora of spiders this year, thankfully none of them get larger than about a golf ball circumference. You can have those big suckers, thank you very much. I would rather shiver in Canada.

    I, too, would like the definition between hill and mountain.

  6. Keltie Says:

    Not a spider fan, especially when it is big enough to have HAIR! Nasty.

    Love the photo of your kids though. Good job Mama.

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