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This Week I October 30, 2010

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*  Totally forgot Grace’s piano lesson.  Not cool.

*  Gave myself a concussion.  After getting out of the shower, I flung my head forward to wrap my hair in a towel, and smacked my head HARD on the bathtub.  I nearly passed out, and three days later I’m still nursing a headache.  Last night I made sure Kaleb could testify to what happened, just in case I woke up dead.  I’d hate for Richard to be in jail for killing me, because no one would ever believe that someone could be dumb enough give themselves a brain injury trying to dry their hair….that’s just how my mind works.  Sick I know.  Thankfully my children are used to it.

*  Totally forgot our Lego Mindstorm group.  Not only that, I was supposed to be the one responsible for calling everyone, I forgot that too.

*   Spent another 5 hours at the dentist.  So far I have like 20 hours in one crown.  I could totally understand if I had a ton of dental work to be done.  I don’t.  I needed one crown.  I chose to go to the dental school to “save money.”  Twenty plus hours later, five trips to San Antonio, plus lunch each time.  I think I probably should have just paid full price and had it done with a real dentist.  At this point I am not sure it has been cheaper.

* Still felt like reminding the dental student that is working on that crown, that I don’t use fluoride toothpaste (because it’s poison) and I don’t have cavities.  I just want to point out that the lecture he gave me BEFORE he looked in my mouth about how I need fluoride so my teeth are healthy was totally ridiculous, because I DON’T HAVE CAVITIES!!!!!  I restrained though, because it just wouldn’t be prudent.

*  Completely fell head over heals in love with this wonderful coat.  It was red and wool and lovelerly with the slightest ruffle.  I even planned outfits and dates and a photo shoot around it…right there in the store.  I thought I was going to get it, then realized at the checkout  the store practices VERY deceptive advertising.  I put on my big girl pants and put it back.  I’m still pouting about it.  So I guess it wasn’t my big girl pants I put on, must have been my pull-up’s.

*  I am also pouting that I am not leaving for Ethiopia on Monday.   I really wanted to go…but I’m not.

*  Perfected the art of sour dough.  At least I have so far.  The last time I tried to make a starter, there was a death in the family, and I left my starter on the counter for two weeks.  When we got home it smelled like vomit.  Not just the starter, the whole house…for days.  I’ve been a little nervous about trying again, but so far so good.

*  Purchased all the things I need to make ornaments to go along with the Christmas devotional we are writing.

*  Made soap.  The easiest soap ever, in my crock pot.  In one hour I made 28 bars of lovely soap, ready to use.  It lathers so well, and doesn’t stink like an elderly woman who lost her olfactory senses years ago, yet still wears perfume daily.  Not to mention it has four ingredients, not 5 million, most of which cannot possibly be good for the human body.

*  Just now I’m thinking, “If I made soap and sold it for $3 a bar, how many bars would I have to sell to buy my loverly red, wool, ruffle coat?”

Hmmm, anyone want a bar of soap?


7 Responses to “This Week I”

  1. Shara Says:

    I feel you on the coat…pull out your sewing machine and see what you’re made of;o)

  2. Keltie Says:

    I will buy some soap. Or at least the recipe! And… do you have suggestions for non-fluoride toothpaste that also does not have menthol (maleah cannot be exposed)? I have looked at my local store at Toms and the like but it all has menthol.

    Do your pull-ups have princesses on them at least? 😉

    • faithfulremembrances Says:

      I am currently using NOW brand Xyliwhite…cinnafresh flavor. I bought it at Sun Harvest…do you even have that there?

      It doesn’t list that on the ingredient list, plus it was like $3.00 which is much cheaper than the rest.

      Truth be told though, I had been using just baking soda and virgin coconut oil. Those two combined are the BEST toothpaste. The baking soda gets rid of stains and such and the coconut oil naturally kills the germs that cause plaque and bad breath and it has been proven to reverse gum disease.

      I only quit using it because I have a cheap house with plastic sinks and the oil is a pain in the rear to clean off of them..I got sick of it.

      • jennifer Says:

        Thank you for the great tip on toothpaste. Any other recipes would be greatly appreciated, such as the soap recipe, as one of my babes has a severe genetic skin condition that reacts to everything “purchased.” Your soap recipe doesn’t happen to have an edible oil in it does it? (Because a soap bar that moisturizes too that I could make myself – well that would be like winning the lottery for me!) Warmly, Jennifer

  3. kristine Says:

    I want some soap! I want a recipe for it too. we are quickly runnin out of the soap that we brought with us because we can’t seem to get into the european thing of NOT bathing. I can’t stand it when I stink. ugh

    I love when I hit my head harder than anyone ever could! Everyone should do that at least once. What I really love is how proud we can be of ourselves afterward ;/ humility rules.

  4. Carol Says:

    I would definitely buy some soap. I’m telling you, with all your abilities, you could make a ton of money from projects at home. I still want you to make some cards. With your sense of humor you could come up with some zingers—I’d buy those, too! And are you going to sell this Christmas devotional? I can see you in that red coat now!

  5. Tova Says:

    Very fun post. Sorry you hit your head. I second Keltie, re. the pullups. 🙂

    Keltie, there is one brand here that has no flouride or menthol, I will ship you some if you want.

    I would totally buy soap, but I gotta say I am very intrigued re. the slow cooker soap. That sounds cool. I have finally perfected making yogurt in the slow cooker. But sour dough? Never works for me…always rots. I’ve given up. Just as well, I don’t think any of us should have gluten around here.

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