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“Why Isn’t God Answering My Prayer?” November 1, 2010

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Have you ever asked that question?

I’m sure nearly everyone one has either thought or spoken aloud that piercing question.

I know I have.

Then I heard that question again today, and for the first time, I realized how petty my complaints of unanswered prayer really are.

No, it wasn’t me, or even anyone I know crying out from the pain of an unanswered prayer.

It was a precious five-year old boy.

This sweet child has been praying for a family.

Trusting the Lord to bring him a father and mother to love him and for him to love in return.


yet still he waits.

I have decided to join him in his prayers for a family,

and advocate for him.

Oh how I wish he could be ours.  However, due to country regulations, as I understand them, he cannot be ours.

Maybe he could be yours?

Maybe he could be the beloved son of someone you know?

Would you join with me in spreading the word about this young boy desperately hoping for a family of his own?

This precious child is in a Bej*ng orphanage.  The sister of one of my dearest friends lived in Ch*na for several years, and volunteered at his orphanage regularly.  The last two times she visited him he has been extremely saddened.  He sees all his friends leaving to head home with adoring parents, yet still he waits.  She no longer lives in Ch*na but just returned home from a visit there.  Once again she went to visit her beloved little friend.  This time in tears, he inquired, “Why is God not answering my prayers for a family?”

Heartbroken for him, she too wants to advocate for him.

She has been volunteering at this orphanage for three years and knows this little guy fairly well.  He is in a special needs orphanage and is on “the list”.    His special need is Spina Bifida.  The experts said he would never walk.   God however had other plans, as he is walking well and even running, but does have a slight limp.  He has no other known special needs, but  will require one more surgery once home.   His name is Ming Ze he is 5 1/2 and he wants a family.

Won’t you help me spread the word?

Maybe, just maybe God will answer his prayer though you or someone you know.

Then there will be one less….

If you or anyone you know would like more information please contact me a burpeefamily at yahoo dot com.

Please spread the word, feel free to link here or copy and paste.  Please, pray for this sweet soul, that the God of all Comfort would comfort him, strengthen him, AND place him in a family.


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