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The BEST blog Post EVER November 8, 2010

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I wasn’t going to link to this post.  I ASSUMED that everyone who reads this blog also reads hers.  Afterall,  if you have or are adopting, it is habit to find and devour EVERY thing you can on adoption. Especially that of those who are in the same boat as you, and let’s face it, unfortunately that boat is not nearly as big as it should be.

However, I do know several people who read this blog (and have no idea who many others are)who have no interest whatsoever in adoption and so they might not know this woman exists.


the post is not about adoption…well it is but not the way you’re thinking ;0)

So I’m sharing.

Flat out the best post (and I have read thousands) blog post I have ever read.

It was particularly relevant for us as we are studying Isaiah in BSF.




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