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Heard at My House November 15, 2010

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The boys went on a weekend hunting trip.  I told Richard that since I just used my last package of venison they couldn’t come home without meat.  He’s such a good obedient husband.

Anyway…heard at my house.

Grace: “Mommy, has daddy skinned all the deer yet?”

Me:  “I think they did two, but they won’t clean the other one until they get home.”

Grace:  “YES!!!!  Can I keep the feet, because I just love the feet, they are soooo cute.”



6 Responses to “Heard at My House”

  1. Brenda Downey Says:

    Maybe she could make a necklace from them. :\

  2. kristine Says:

    Grace, all I have to say is “EEWWWWW!”

    But I do love me some venison!

  3. Tova Says:


    But I’d come over for tea, venison and soap making lessons!


  4. Sheri Says:

    Um … I admit it. I seriously recall asking my parents the same thing! I still love their feet. But no, I’ve never kept any.

  5. lauradodson Says:

    ACK! GRACE! and I though eating raw minnows was yucky…you’ve created a new standard Gracie. Wear your gross badge with pride. ;o)

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