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Heard in my Car November 18, 2010

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The other night on the way to BSF I had what I believe to be an idea straight from Jesus.
I have been praying for a couple of months about what He would have me to do with the millions enslaved today.
Right there in my car, it came to me.
I could hardly wait to tell Richard.
So, after BSF I called him up and proceeded to talk at him 1000 words per minute, telling him all about my idea.
Then I got side-tracked ( I swear I am bi-polar and ADD, which goes nice together because whenever I get depressed I can quite easily forget and pop right back to manic) and started talking about the women in my BSF group, one of whom has no children and wants to talk with me about adoption.  That makes TWO women in my little group wanting to adopt.  TWO!!!!
I was seriously so worked up I was beyond hyper.
Grace was sitting beside me listening to my conversation
Which then quickly turned to Ming Ze and me wondering why in the world no one wants this PRECIOUS boy.
At which point Grace says:  “Oh, mommy I have a great idea too.  You should tell that woman in your group about him.  Then they can adopt him!”
I gasped, why hadn’t I thought of that.
I was so excited I reached over and punched her in the arm (calm down it wasn’t hard punch) exclaiming, “Grace that is a GREAT idea!!!!”
To which she replies while laughing hysterically:  “Mom gets violent when she’s excited, we gotta keep her unhappy.”

3 Responses to “Heard in my Car”

  1. kristine Says:


    Gotta know your idea. Just joined the ministry team here at International Church of Prague that will be developing a plan/strategy/opportunities to fight human trafficking in Europe! Need all the ideas, help and prayers we can get!

  2. AmyG Says:

    Way to go, Grace!!!! She put it all together!
    God gave us those children! We’ve got to listen to them :o)
    Praying for that sweet boy and his future family!

  3. Tova Says:

    Funny. And awesome all at the same time. Can relate in some ways. I try to avoid punching my children though, it’s frowned upon, in a lose your kids sort of way in Canada. Seriously. They need to lighten up around here. 🙂

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