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How to Order Eggs in Arkansas January 3, 2011

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I am still alive.

However I have not in the last three weeks or so read blogs, I have hardly checked my email, and have been on facebook even less.

Not only did I survive, but so did everyone else.

I figure it’s good preparation for our future in off the grid living in Michigan…or Uganda…or both.

Anyway we took a lovely trip to spend Christmas with my mama.  I wish she was closer.  You know mom, Michigan is beautiful and Uganda…well it’s beautiful too…you just have to forget all those illnesses I had ;0)

Then since we were SO CLOSE (12 hours close) we decided to take an impromptu trip to Michigan.  I don’t do anything impromptu…ever.  How that man of mine convinced me this was a good idea I will never know.  Not only did he get me in the car and drag me half way across the country, he also got me on a sled.  I live on the wild side I tell ya.

Ahhh, Michigan.

I like the snow and the slower pace and the sound of Amish buggies traveling down the road.

I don’t like driving a BAZILLION hours to get home.

We did get some relief in Arkansas.

Arkansas tends to be the butt of many jokes around our house.

We never really had good reason….Until a couple days ago.

The scene:  The Waffle House in Memphis Arkansas.

I am trying to order food for me and my beloved.

Waitress:  “How would ya like those eggs sweetie?”

Me:  “I would like them to be over easy please.”

Waitress:  (blank stare) “How would ya like those eggs?”

Me:  (confused, but figure I will try again) “Over easy.”

Waitress:  “What’s that?”

Me:  “Um, sunny side up.”

Waitress:  (Blank Stare)

Me:  (I am starting to get  a little worried I might have to have my eggs scrambled ew!  So I frantically look at the menu and point to the picture of the sunny side up eggs)  “I want them like this please.”

Waitress:  (The light of dawn shining in her eyes) “Oh, ya want your eggs up, ya want up eggs.  I can getcha some up eggs no problem.”

I never dreamed I was going to need a Texas to Arkansas language guide to order eggs.

Now I know, so next time at a Waffle House in Arkansas I can let my waitress know I like my eggs up.


4 Responses to “How to Order Eggs in Arkansas”

  1. angela Says:

    Who would have thought!!

  2. Kori Says:

    *do not like*

    that is, all this talk of moving….. humph.

    I do like the eggs story. Never heard of up eggs before.


    • AmyG Says:

      Me either! You aren’t allowed to go anywhere anymore, because you always come home talking about moving somewhere else! Glad you had a safe and entertaining trip!

      • faithfulremembrances Says:

        You both know how much I detest this place….I just can’t help it.

        I was not created for heat and humidity….snow and ice are SO much more my style ;0)

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