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Better Post That Sign A Little Lower January 13, 2011

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While we were in Michigan we went and looked at these lovely little log cabins.

It was so sweet and quaint.

It was furnished and looked like home.

It had everything but plumbing and water and electricity.

While we sat and the couch, Amy and I explored all the possibilities of such a cozy little cabin.

There was a slight slam coming from the corner of the cabin.

The sound of a toilet lid slamming down.

Then Richard noticed it.

William came strolling out of the bathroom with a look of relief on his little frozen face, all the while he was zipping up his pants.

Horror of horrors.

Richard asks, “William did you just use that toilet?”

William: (as nonchalantly as humanly possible)”Yep.”

All the adults bust out laughing and the poor guy is left wondering what’s so funny about him peeing.

I walk in to the bathroom and right there taped to the wall, at adult hight “Please don’t use the toilet.”

I am not entirely sure he could have seen it as high as it was…nor am I sure he could have read it in its entirety.

Think instead, they should maybe post a sign like this



just a little lower so small eyes can see before they unload.


2 Responses to “Better Post That Sign A Little Lower”

  1. Tova Says:

    Love it. My son loves the picture too.

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