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Adventures in Theology January 25, 2011

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Grace has been asking some pretty deep theological questions as of late,  as a result we got on the topic of limited atonement.

I explained it to her and she nodded in agreement that she understood what I was saying.

On the way home from a visit with a friend we heard a news spot on the radio about a HORRID super bowl commercial that fox has thankfully refused to air.  The commercial states that God hates Obama.


We interrupt this blog post for a word from our sponsors.

Can I just say that if you are going to be an IDIOT can you please stop calling yourself a Christian because you are making those of us who are not WACKO look bad.  So stop it with your funeral protests and freaking idiotic commercials, unless you are willing to change your group name to IOTWU…..Idiots Of The World Untied…then by all means carry on with your idiotic behavior.  This is a free country after all.

We now return to adventures in theology.

Upon hearing this commercial, in typical Grace fashion, she begins to raise her voice and holler at the radio.  “THAT IS JUST RIDICULOUS!!!!  WHO DO THOSE PEOPLE THINK THEY ARE???  GOD DOESN’T HATE OBAMA….NOT ONLY THAT, WE MAY FIND OUT REALLY SOON THAT JESUS DIED FOR OBAMA.  THOSE PEOPLE ARE UNBELIEVABLE!!!”

She may or may not have gotten that kind of response to things from her mother.  It’s hard to say for sure.  If someday soon, while visiting a  friend’s church,  she gets in trouble during Sunday school from an overly sensitive man for “yelling at him”  then it could be confirmed that such attitudes did in fact come from her mother.

Until that day though, we will chalk it up to some sort of mental disorder that may or may not be controlled by medication.

We interrupt this regularly scheduled post, so our sponsors can explain their behavior.

I am loud.  Just I learned how to project my voice in high school…as a result some overly sensitive people, who do not know me, might interpret such behavior as yelling.  It’s not, and I did apologize, which was not really received.   Jonah is an essential doctrine…and I will get passionate about it…I just will.  I appreciate friends that recognize that as passion, not a mental disorder in need of medication.  Not to mention said friend’s husband did not think I was yelling…but then again he has actually heard me yell…so I could understand how he would not need clarity on the situation.

Back to Adventures in theology.

Clearly she did understand my very basic explanation of limited atonement.  I may have to lock her up for a few years now as she is dangerously close to becoming a five point non-arminian  (that’s for you Em.)

While sitting in Sunday night church (man I forgot how much those Baptists are in church) Grace who was reading her Bible rather than listening to the sermon (she is such a naughty girl)  leans in and asks why God created satan.  Really???  We are gong to have this conversation right now…in church…during a sermon…while we are on the second row…and your mom already got in trouble once today???  Yes, she really wanted to know why God created Satan.Now.

I quickly and in much more hushed tones than in Sunday School, hissed, “For his own glory…now be quiet before  we get Tony and Emily kicked out of their church!”

Not to be deterred..and not in hushed tones she quickly shoots back, “How could satan possibly bring glory to God?”

Really??? Right now you want to do this Grace????

I lean over and ask Emily, who then leans over asks Tony, “How does satan bring glory to God?”

He says he has an answer, but mostly we just need to be quiet. Now.

TWICE in one day at church I have now been hushed.

I scowl at my daughter for getting me in trouble.

She resumes reading…I resume listening..sort of.  Becuase REALLY all I am thinking about is Tony’s explanation of how satan brings glory to God.  Suddenly I am REALLY wanting this preacher to wrap it up so I can get on with my Gracies’s question.

As soon as we get home I repeat the question, and Tony gives his answer…I then call in Grace and repeat his response (with which he clarified may or may not be correct).

I tell Grace, “God created satan so that He could show His justice and wrath to His objects of mercy.  That is how God is glorified by satan.”

At this point she looks at me with a blank stare and start slowly shaking her head.  Very similar to the way princess Buttercup looks at Wesley as he explains to her how he became the dread pirate Roberts.  Clearly she didn’t understand…for the life of me I cannot figure out why.

We told her to read Romans chapter 9 and it would all make sense.

She thought we had LOST OUR MINDS…which may or may not be treatable with medication.

DISCLAIMER:  This post was for me…so I can remember conversations with my child and of course me getting in trouble.  We do believe in the “reformed doctrines” but mostly we are in the closet about it as we don’t really believe it is something worth dividing over.  I am in no way trying to convert anyone over to the dark side.  It’s OK if you don’t agree…it is even OK with me if you vehemently disagree.  Really it is.  I have plenty of friends whom I love dearly who disagree with us…and I THINK they still love us ;0)  Lets’s just agree to disagree without any arguments…because I might yell. Unless of course you truly have questions.  I am open to that and will answer with scripture.  I am not open to hearing how wrong I am…nor am I interested in telling you how wrong you are.  Salvation is found in JESUS not in the doctrines of who brings about that wonderful salvation….so I am cool with disagreements.

2 Responses to “Adventures in Theology”

  1. faithfulremembrances Says:

    Hahahahahahaha very funny


  2. Tova Says:

    Oh boy. alternately very funny, very serious and very confusing. Thank you for that.

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